When was the last time you felt needed $$$$?

The formula for an emotional exploit has been around for centuries and is still pretty effective. 

  • Basic step-up question: Do you Love me? 
  • Basic exploit question: Can you send me some money?
  • Decision 1: Say No and expect the “You don’t really Love me ” comment
  • Decision 2: Say Yes and know that you are betraying yourself as a sucker

The strategy to just to create time pressured confused and emotional conflict. This makes it tough for the target to make a rational decision, in fact the wrong decision will often seem like the absolbute right and justified thing to do.

Exploiters with finesse blend their attack with subtle time pressure and set-up friendly history and established heartfelt trust where they have actually given money to the target.

Honey trap or tasty treat?

Thinning the herd

Credit card debt, alimony, personal requests for money and World War Z throw endless fast paced adversaries at you.  When the hoard spots you then you have no option but to cut them down with all you have, no rules just kill everything.  I’ll be following steamers of this title closely and it’s great to see that the game creators have been true to the movie.

In the meantime, I’m walking in silence alone in the dark.

Out of warranty, uninsured and not supported

It’s pretty hard to convince an individual to invest any time into a Personal IT disaster recovery plan.  Even if they have experienced some IT loss, folk simply think their gadgets will continue working forever,

A visit to an Apple genius bar will see a constant flow of disparate anxious end-users who are there because of some kind of IT failure.  As an engineer, it’s great solving problems and putting out fires but most incidents can be easily avoided.

Did you backup today?

Today is a Good Day

After a horrendous weekend of technical problems, I started my Monday with a simple written statement that I deeply wanted.

Six hours later I found the technical sweet spot for a complete solution.  Now the paradox question to myself is “What if, I didn’t write my affirmation statement in the morning?”  Tangible success is a great thing and I should continue aiming higher.

What do you want for me?

What do I want for myself?

What is stopping me?

Tom Clancy’s The Division – 2 years later

Today is a Good Day

Disaster recovery

It’s never gonna happen but when you are hit with a major digital failure it’s always good to where your data is.

Despite having a fairly robust set-up it’s really hard to stay focused and not succumb to the emotional inconvenience of an IT failure.  It always happens when you are busy, traveling and distracted with real life.  Individuals seldom practice the scenario and companies are on high alert standby to fleece you of any hard earning monies to fix the issue.

“everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. Mike Tyson

Titan Attacks! Did you Back-up today?

Today is Sunday

I promptly starting preparing for the Monday morning blitz on my senses.  I found myself delaying the morning commute and slowing packing my mobile office for relocation but wait….it’ Sunday.  I haven’t spoken to a real-life person in 48 hours and the curtains have been drawn throwing out my perception of time.

My devices confirm, Yes, it is Sunday but I’m dreading Monday.  Dreading having to see people, talk, explain, attend meetings, reason and give my opinion on anything.  Second-hand bereavement, like group bereavement, is a stealth problem that creeps up on you.  When Timothy Hampton died, 1 day before my birthday, I was sent into a downward swirl of unjustified grief. I had so many reasons to be happy yet this unexplained tragic death forced me to deny my very existence.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice wakes the voice in your head.

Almost 9 years later the overwhelming emotions of second-hand loss are here again.  It’s like I don’t deserve to be sad, after all it wasn’t my Loved One, yet the feeling is here as real as anything and nobody knows it but me.

I found a few opinions on the stages of bereavement so hope I can fast track to Acceptance and hope soon.

Absolute denial
Pain & guilt
Anger & bargaining
"depression", reflection, loneliness
Turning point – Clearing out
Reconstructing your Life
Acceptance & hope

Today is Sunday