Perfectly out-of-sync

I had a situation yesterday that forced me to re-evaluate my coping skill levels. it’s been a while since I practised and, like many skills, you can lose the talent. Meanwhile, the first batch of PS5 pre-orders were snapped up in a matter of minutes and Amazon sold out.

Clearing out my stash – next 11 days [prepared]

The new season looks like an excellent opportunity for team achievement. Basically, farm a 100-floor Skyscraper to reach the Summit. I picked up a few notes from the Game broadcast but the patch notes will no doubt reveal a lot more details.

  1. Exotics Sub Machine Gun – BackFire Self Bleed effect – better get some hazard protection
  2. Memento BackPack – kills drop a trophy that buffs weapon damage, Bonus Armour or Skill Efficiency
  3. Kard-45 Pistol – named version gives +1 skill tier
  4. Six12 ShotGun – named version gives Armour on Kills
  5. GearSet – Hunter’s Fury – Apex Predator for 4 piece kills disorients other enemies within 5m
  6. Sharpnel Traps
  7. Chest Piece close quarters bleed effect (useful with Adrenaline Rush) – RidgeWays Pride – earn by completing 100th floor then craft – FaceTankers Dream
  8. New Brand Set – Belstone Armoury – 3-piece (Incoming Repairs, Armour Regen and Armour on Kill)
  9. Named gear pieces  – Perfect Efficiency, Perfect BloodSuck
9-11 Never Forget

Untested backup is worst than no backup

Another nasty little blighter is throwing basic attacks at me…again? (Philippines) Blocked for SQL Injection in query string: tag=zombies” or (1,2)=(select*from(select name_const(CHAR(111,108,111,108,111,115,104,101,114),1),name_c…

Small businesses are perfect nests of unmonitored logs and normally have no idea about their security posture and threat climate. Together with limited in-house talent and interest in analysing these logs. Loose standards and poor digital hygiene leaves the door wide open for cookie-cutter attacks like the one from our predators on

A Simple Plan…ditch the SmartPhone

“Be careful Straight Trees often have crooked roots”

— Random Fortune Cookie

Doesn’t really matter how we got here but London is dormant, empty and anxious to return to “normal”.  Only there will never ever be a “normal” again.

9 am: I’m at Baker Street tube station and there is no rush hour, I comfortably get a seat.  Gyms are packed with people trying to keep the body and brain active and the façade of returning back to normal is heavy in every conversation.

So how to plan around uncertainty? How to find some confidence?

The Facts

  • Gatherings are very limited
  • All face-to-face services are now chronically slow and prone to cancellation.
  • The “working from home” economy will be here until March 2021…yes another 6 months of this should be expected.
  • Zoom dominates the global market for video conferencing and is totally accepted by all
  • Social media and WhatsApp are the primary methods of news.
  • Cloud architecture is now the primary, on-premise data centres are now the far side of the network
  • Site-to-site VPN to on-premise resources is now not as vital, remote access to VPN to mask your home location is more useful.
  • Being tracked via your mobile phone is a certainty and accepted by most.
Keep thinking

The excuses – How to get away with almost anything right now

  • Waking up at noon every day
  • Walking around the house in your underpants
  • Being late
  • Being slow
  • Not being accountable for anything
  • Not trying
  • Not coming up with new ideas
Don’t just sit there waiting for things to get back to normal………..Do Something

What’s Love got to do with it?


The question of “Do you love me?” can come up after an argument or major disagreement.  But chemicals needed for Love such as Norepinephrine and Dopamine are often too low during classic fight or flight conflicts.

The no gameplay routines of a lifetime gamer can be more destructive than anything and raise resentment of this level of deprivation often demanded by your inner circle, like taking candy away from a grown child. Is it acceptable to play games in an office environment? 

The gamers’ environment encouraged by some tech giants has always claimed it nurtured genius and productivity. But like any drug not taken in moderation, gaming can be catastrophic as the gamer neglects real-life commitments and normal habits abandoning social interactions for this “safe space”.  It’s a matter of balance.

Perfectly exonerated

The first few moments out of jail are amazing.  Your senses are heightened and you look towards the Sun like it’s the only thing that actually matters.  Everyone around you is in slow motion and you can hear birds sing.

Afterwards, you wonder how you actually got here, how you put yourself in danger and what things lead to this point…where is Moment Zero? The actual point in time, the decisions that set up a series of horrendous events that led to your incarceration.

My PS4 GamePlay is down to 4 hours max a week so I’m now a casual gamer unable to commit to long Raids or Farming sessions. Amazingly enough, I’m still picking up rare, exotic gear pieces and just accepted an invitation to an Elite clan.

Finding that good loot – Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2