The maze of Digital hygiene

Digital: An abstract mess of details. What is my data, company data, public data, who owns it, who can share it, can I unplug from it?

Most folk willingly sign up for privacy notices just to use a service without really understanding the risk or their obligations or even reading the 20+ pages of nonsense.

Regulations wrap us up in legal jargon that is often difficult to understand and is contantly changing.

I’m so sick of being an “expert”.

How do I get out of this one?

Check for collision with player

    if (
        player_x < enemy[0] < player_x + player_size
        and player_y < enemy[1] < player_y + player_size

    # Remove enemies that go off-screen
    if enemy[1] > HEIGHT:

Life would be so much simpler if it was possible to kill off your bad emotions this way.

Keeping my head up

I know how to do positive thinking, and affirmations and use mantras but when someone or something is so acidic it suddenly means nothing. Normally, it’s only someone close that can penetrate your heart so easily.

So what next?

Close off all emotional channels? Avoid any emotional contact.

Or head into pure escapism with HellDivers 2?

Finally, the sequel is out and I’m already 12 hours in at level 8. I’m with a regular squad but will probably need to add more to my friends list as my game time is badly restricted due to homegrown complaints.

Coming out of retirement to join HellDivers2

Currently, PS5 is offline in on-site storage but hoping to get back on in 10 days.

Chapter 1: Acknowledging the Starting Point

Every journey begins with acknowledging where you are

I was fairly self aware but today I faced up to my obesity and hit the gym for the first time in months. My first steps included confronting my poor eating and sleeping habits, lifestyle, and mindset of denial.

Several things have led to my weight gain in ’23

  • Working and snacking at home constantly
  • Comfort eating to escape unhappiness
  • No regular exercise guilted out of solo training
Looking forward to good things in 2024….Keep on trucking.

Of course, MG raised up and punished me with chronic fatigue after the workout.

Explicit bias on your face

Candidate 1
Candidate 2

Explicit bias is often expressed openly and can manifest in various forms, including discriminatory behaviour, language, unfair decision-making, or competition in plain sight. 7+ million viewers witnessed a loaded test where Candidate 1 had bugs over her mouth and Candidate 2 bugs were at chin level.

Both candidates apparently had the same number of bugs in their helmets but the evidence suggests this was not the case.

Candidate 1 was never going to win.