A stark picture was painted by CheckPoint founder Gil Shwed who stated very clearly how the landscape is getting more and more complex with a monster of 16 attack vectors with countermeasures of 26+ security technologies ramping up to a complexity rating of 416 just to stand still.

An absolute nightmare for any Security Analyst responsible for the organisation’s controls.

In the meantime, new threat actors are born everyday.

Threats are growing fast

Not down wid OPP

My professional life involves constant deep dives into Other Peoples’ Problems (OPP)….taking on the same ethos in my private life is truly a different matter.

Today, getting intimate with peoples’ digital life is way too risky and a very Thankless endeavour.  Taking on any private system admin task means exposing yourself as a technician to unwarranted criticism and abuse; get it a wrong and you’re a snooping idiot IT guy, get it right and nothing is said.

Not my Problem

It’s a constant catch 22 scenario especially when you can see friends and family making familiar tactical and operation errors i.e. never ever backing up their data, never encrypting their data and never changing their passwords.

Here are 10 things that people don’t change often.

Change bank account or card
Change email address
Change passwords
Change phone device
Erase or reset phone device
Change phone number
Change social media accounts
Change inner friend circles
Change ISP or Geolocations
Change public IP address

Tactical Reconnaissance: Basics for profiling, tracking or snooping.