Clearing out my stash – next 11 days [prepared]

The new season looks like an excellent opportunity for team achievement. Basically, farm a 100-floor Skyscraper to reach the Summit. I picked up a few notes from the Game broadcast but the patch notes will no doubt reveal a lot more details.

  1. Exotics Sub Machine Gun – BackFire Self Bleed effect – better get some hazard protection
  2. Memento BackPack – kills drop a trophy that buffs weapon damage, Bonus Armour or Skill Efficiency
  3. Kard-45 Pistol – named version gives +1 skill tier
  4. Six12 ShotGun – named version gives Armour on Kills
  5. GearSet – Hunter’s Fury – Apex Predator for 4 piece kills disorients other enemies within 5m
  6. Sharpnel Traps
  7. Chest Piece close quarters bleed effect (useful with Adrenaline Rush) – RidgeWays Pride – earn by completing 100th floor then craft – FaceTankers Dream
  8. New Brand Set – Belstone Armoury – 3-piece (Incoming Repairs, Armour Regen and Armour on Kill)
  9. Named gear pieces  – Perfect Efficiency, Perfect BloodSuck
9-11 Never Forget

Perfectly exonerated

The first few moments out of jail are amazing.  Your senses are heightened and you look towards the Sun like it’s the only thing that actually matters.  Everyone around you is in slow motion and you can hear birds sing.

Afterwards, you wonder how you actually got here, how you put yourself in danger and what things lead to this point…where is Moment Zero? The actual point in time, the decisions that set up a series of horrendous events that led to your incarceration.

My PS4 GamePlay is down to 4 hours max a week so I’m now a casual gamer unable to commit to long Raids or Farming sessions. Amazingly enough, I’m still picking up rare, exotic gear pieces and just accepted an invitation to an Elite clan.

Finding that good loot – Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2

…and held in evidence against you

As a free agent, I could easily join the social media trains and post my every meal or location to the world. I still care intensively about digital privacy and the looming aspect of things you say or do in the present impacting future accusation.

For now, I need to raise my head about the privacy line as I explore new job and business opportunities, but I don’t need to broadcast everything, so my mix of VPNs, TOR and Cloud hopping remains the same.

In the meantime, I’m experimenting with the WireGuard Protocol which seems to offer easier security audits. One of the primary design goals of the protocol is silence.

Exploring Post pandemic new VPN protocol WireGuard

Coming out of the bunker

Arriving at an empty Heathrow Airport was incredibly eerie and travelling on an empty Underground train reminded me of how Sundays used to be decades ago.

No tourist, no business folk, no commuters just the old worker…it was 11am.

In the meantime, I was so out of touch that I didn’t realise the Leader of the Labour Party had changed to some dude named Keir Hardie…who?

Timorously, I poke my head out into life in the UK like a timid rabbit…is it safe? No time for doubt, in fact now is the time to push ahead and be an early adopter of the new World. Of course, I’m missing the 2nd Raid and Season in Tom Clancy’s The Divison 2 with no temptation as my PS4 is in another country now..ho-hum.

Can’t stop Twitching

Another gaming milestone for me or rather a key decision save point. With Last of Us II and the Division 2 Raid dropping this month I’m pondering on being a gaming spectator until PS5 arrives. 

Option 1 – Jump into the Last of US II

Just remembering how brilliant and involved the first scene of Part I was fills me with so much anticipation. The drama, the soundtrack and the gameplay were first class.  We have waited for months for the Division 2 second Raid and from what we know of the first Raid this one will no doubt be seriously tough and require teamwork, a mix of Builds (Damage, Skill, Healer and Tanks) and top-notch group communication, coordination and leadership skills.

And of course, there is always the Division Survival PvP Tournaments.

Option 2 – Play suspended until PS5

Being out of hardcore gaming for 5+ months is achievable, in fact, it’s been 12 days since I deleted Division 2 and my absence has been noted.  The device is not with me and I can leave it in storage for months.

Play on: BenefitsPlay suspended: Benefits
Rich social ecosystems, clans and communitiesEnriched real-life relationships with non-gamers
 First wave to complete the 2nd Wave and Last of US II story.Proof that I’m not addicted
Cost / benefit analysis
Play on: DisbenefitsPlay suspended: Disbenefits
Time investment: 10-20 hrs a weekLoss of entertainment
Degraded real-life relationships with non-gamersLoss of escapism
 Loss of Dopamine
 Loss of real-time friendships
Cost / benefit analysis

Either way, the second-hand experiences of being that kid in the arcade that was always there but never play would be available through, those who can’t game Watch.

With PS5 on the horizon, this could also be the perfect time for Play suspension as I’ll no doubt want to jump onto the hype train with the added benefit of purchase justification. After all “I haven’t played a game in 5 months”.

So, I’ll keep on Twitching…for now.

Moving fast

There does come a time when you need to make like a tree and “leaf”. Yeah I know, terrible old joke but pretty true for me right now.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I want to go fast.” 

Jadis – AMC’s The Walking Dead
Getting out of here no matter what……Tom Clancy’s The Division™

Vienna Airport opens today so there is hope.