Coming out of the bunker

Arriving at an empty Heathrow Airport was incredibly eerie and travelling on an empty Underground train reminded me of how Sundays used to be decades ago.

No tourist, no business folk, no commuters just the old worker…it was 11am.

In the meantime, I was so out of touch that I didn’t realise the Leader of the Labour Party had changed to some dude named Keir Hardie…who?

Timorously, I poke my head out into life in the UK like a timid rabbit…is it safe? No time for doubt, in fact now is the time to push ahead and be an early adopter of the new World. Of course, I’m missing the 2nd Raid and Season in Tom Clancy’s The Divison 2 with no temptation as my PS4 is in another country now..ho-hum.

Zombie flights

Any fan of AMC’s original series The Walking Dead will be taking note of the parallels to our current lockdown state. Restricted travel is bad enough but travel docs are now more critical than ever. From tomorrow, additional clearance is needed for anyone returning to the UK whether you are a National or Visitor. You are greeted by a horrendous warning if you try to renew your UK Passport from outside the country.

Normal service standards are currently suspended. We cannot confirm when a passport will be received, or when documents provided in support of an application will be returned.

Sunday 7th June 2020 UK Government – Passport renewals

Like the The Walking Dead we do not know the root cause of the outbreak and do not have a cure or vaccine….just don’t get bitten.

Who do you think you are?

Re-inventing your character is a daunting yet a pleasure to re-boot.  Let’s see who wins. For the first time in ages, I’ll need to rapidly assess people.

  • The Know-it-alls
  • The Passives
  • The Dictators
  • The “YES” people
  • The “NO” people
  • …and the Gripers

Truth is we all show these traits and they revolve and mutant depending on the season, circumstances and the environment. I’ve officially had to all clear…COVID-19 Negative. Now it’s time to pick up and prepare for the next season.

Preparing for another season

I like my games Real but daaaaaaaaam

Every active Division agent must be thinking “oh s**t, they went and done it in the real world.” So, the collapse of societies is upon us.  Things that mattered 30 days ago are trivial today.

  • Hospitals and medical services unable to cope with demand.
  • Groceries and common supplies become limited – shelves are empty
  • Major cities on lock-down
  • Quarantine mandated
  • Martial Law in effect
  • Airline ground flights for the foreseeable future…..but
When’s the next train? Tom Clancy’s The Division
  • Water taps are running
  • Electricity is still here
  • Banks are still open
  • …And WhatsApp still works

More fiction please

God of War – Yes, finally and the first chapter takes you out of any reality your currently suck in.

No, I don’t know when this Pandemic will end – God of War

The 2020 Games

Putting certain goals on your New Year’s Resolution is a sure-fire way of failing them.  The social pressure to announce an annual goal is as prominent as ever and many of us just blurt out random expected goals like losing weight, give up smoking, etc. with no real commitment or expectation to achieve the goal.  You are fooling nobody but yourself.

My goal for 2020 is to have less than 15-hours a week PS4 game time.  This will help me to focus on quality gaming rather than casually picking up the latest title but will hurt my PVE Raiding.

….but wait

Does watching game streams actual gaming? The second hard experience of watching streamers pace through your favorite titles may be considered involvement and therefore gaming by some.  The fact that you interact with the gamer, shape their direction and share their failures and achievements is relevant.  It also takes dedicated time but smart lurkers often have multiple screens for this.

Let the 2020 Games begin

Can I have a word?

One of the questions that makes me want to run away. It is almost always followed by bad or horrendous news or uncomfortable questions often from someone senior or a person with power over you i.e. Human Resources. Its impact is compounded when the person hasn’t made any contact over a long period of time which no doubt led up to this conflict.

As a manager or leader, this tool can be a powerful asset to delivering good news and provide a critical turning point to boost moral.

Sadly, this opportunity is often missed.

Can I have a word? Actually; no f#@k off, in fact I’m gonna block you from all comms.

Can I have a word?