I’m the bad guy?

There’s a lovely moment in the 1993 thriller Falling Down when the Michael Douglas character realises that he is indeed the Bad Guy in the plot.

I like being in a position of accountability and have been a magnet for responsibility since my first job back in Baker’s Arms, Leyton, East London in the early 90’s.  Things can easily turn sour when I don’t get my own way, my traits of leadership spin to being a tyrant and bully with an unrelenting fist of self-destruction.  Basically, if I can’t have happiness you can’t either.

….but wait, this is just a movie, right?

Today, I AM the Bad guy so back off

Burying the survivors

A flight leaves Heathrow at 13:00 on route to Paris, on the way it experiences fatal engine failure and crashes in the Channel. The flight carries 120 passengers 20 in first class.

How many survivors will be buried on the French side and how many in the English side?

 Question the question

It’s interesting to observe how people communicate differently on personal matters depending on the device and method.  There are so many factors that impact the sender’s mental state and tone of the message (personal or work device, signed or unsigned, the speed of transport (instant or slow), public or perceived private.

Formal and personal – hard copy letter.  Shows the sender put in some thought and invested some resources (print, paper, envelope, postage and time costs) before sending and serves as hardcore historical evidence.

Formal and less personal

email unsigned from a personal mobile device

email unsigned from work or business device

Email digitally signed on mobile device

Email from workstation

Email from laptop

Email from browsers

Many end-users actually see this as cold and heartless as “no one” emails about personal stuff anymore.

Informal and very personal

Instant messaging



VOIP phone calls

The method of choice for a vast amount of people. The user tends to speak from the heart whether angry, sad or happy.  Data is sent with no regard of security levels and assumptive privacy.

Consequences can be catastrophic or a euphoric high.

  • I Love you by email = Low euphoria
  • I Love you by Instant messaging = High euphoria
  • I Love you by letter = High euphoria

Choose your method wisely


Trophy grinding

My first gym session of the year felt great last night and is the perfect antidote to my PS4 Withdrawal. Grinding my way every night through FallOut4 will have to wait for now.

One pretty bad side effect is my tendency to trigger real-world arguments to feed my Amygdala.  There is nothing better than a “good” argument to say the things you normally keep to yourself.  Of course, for me, arguments have an even worst side effect of sparking MG symptoms of sleepiness and chronic fatigue.

Leaving my PS4 in another country is pretty much the only way I could whine myself off my trophy hunting addiction.

So, the extra 20+ hours I week I’ll gain from no gameplay will be spent on watching Twitch, research study, Movies and exercise.  Most of all I need to work on my Cryptocurrency portfolio.  After the last quarters rise in Coin values, the average business person is acutely aware of the potential and looking for stables ways to make a big buck.

I came across a new breed of company a few weeks ago.  Hash Power Service provider meets Network marketing is an interesting blend that makes it easy for anyone to buy-in but it seems these hybrid business models for Cryptocurrency try to paint too much of a pretty picture for the consumer.  In the meantime,  the Meltdown vulnerability makes it clear that hardware Wallets are probably the way to go in the long-term.

30 mins cardio yesterday…no meds

How to play Mind games

Working or gaming. What difference does it make? Well, in most people’s heads, work is honourable and Gaming is not. This attitude maintains the digital divide between gaming professionals and everybody else.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a beautiful mind game. The screen warning only appears for 2 seconds and it’s clear from the outset that this game could mess with your mind.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – A serious Psychosis warning

The game’s opening credits feature a mental health advisor and it’s interesting that not many people are streaming it right now.  Anyhow, this looks like a tasty treat for me to tackle this month.

Trust me I’m a Mind Doctor – Fallout 4

10mg Lecithin yesterday

Upgrade it, Patch it, Break it

The classic dilemma for patch management is when to do it and what will it break.  Especially, when dealing with Operating systems you run the risk of the application you’ve been using for decades suddenly not working (not supported).

This issue is bad enough when doing the upgrade for yourself but when you do it on behalf of a client you run the risk of being the root cause of the problem.

The latest MacOs upgrade is not compatible the Outlook for Mac 2013 (version 15.3), which was released October 2014….WTF.  So now you have to spend time and money on an upgrade.

Always plan your Technical upgrades

The best practice is to run a compatibility test on all applications especially business-critical ones. But why haven’t two of the biggest software vendors in the world built that into the OS upgrade process to at least notify the user?

Money talks louder, so shut up and buy the Office365 upgrade

Meanwhile, I try to keep my head straight and get totally distracted by just looking out the window.  Austria is a great place to avoid mass marketing but dammit this has just pushed me back into my one-track mind.

Everywhere I look….

What was the approval process for a company to register and pay for this domain and then actively market it?

So much for Global Thinking

Machine gun stress relief

After getting a High-end M60 Light machine gun, I was able to level up to the maximum 30 on Tom Clancy’s The Division™.

Of course, that is just the beginning for this title as it’s a bit of never-ending story with tons of side missions and collectables.  Here’s a schedule for one of my favourite streamers who plays at the Elite levels.

"Most days from 3am - 9am, take a break till noon, 
then stream from noon to 3pm or 4pm. All times are
subject to change due to real life.”

For me, this is far as I want to go with this title for now but still, have a would like to complete the UN mission just for the sheer irony of it.

Tom Clancy’s The Division™ – M60 Machine Gun Stress relief