The Closer I get to You – Unforgiving and Brutal

I condensed my usual pace of gameplay over 3 weeks into 3 days of The Division because of the Global Event.  I didn’t come across many players who hadn’t played the game before and It’s clear that The Division 2 will break sales records with millions of players jumping around DC for loot and kills.

Enough is enough already, so I fell back to my cut-off strategy of removing the disk and deleting the game to simply stop playing it.  I haven’t even looked at others title for the past few weeks.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – knowing when to quit playing

August gameplay

This month’s line up looks great with Mafia III (single player) and Dead by Daylight (PvP) free for PS Plus folk.  I nearly bought Mafia III a few months ago when it went on sale but figured it would be free at some point for this 2-year-old title.  Dead by Daylights format of 4 verses 1 has not been as popular as the all-out 100 player format or 4 versus 4 formats.

Anyhow for me, August is a PvP free month but I’ll certainly view my favourite streamers escapades and will be missing the past few days ShotGun onslaught up close and personal.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Be back in September folks

Cheesing it

Minimum effort for maximum gain is the basic formula for any investor.  Specialist areas like Dark Web, Cryptocurrency and The Division attract mavericks running routines that do just that.  At the moment, I’m investing a fair amount of time running easy missions (rinse and repeat cycles) on The Division Global Event to earn points to buy classified gear and it’s paying off nicely.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – rinse and repeat

Cryptocurrency efforts have been thinned by real-life challenges and Dark Web is basically ignored for now.  IRL the 90+°F daily heat wave is messing up my balance but I’m still going to focus on a Christmas escape to Florida this year, nuff planning needed.

Heading back to DC

March 15, 2016 – Ubisoft announced ongoing record sell- through sales for Tom Clancy’s The Division, which has grossed more than $330 million worldwide in its first five days.

March 15, 2019 – The company releases The Division 2 no doubt aiming to smash that disgusting sales figure.

So how do a company go about maintaining that track record and move millions of gamers to a new platform whilst attracting the new one?

Since the first Beta, I was hooked but rapidly cooled off after constantly getting melted in the DarkZone or just not finding a stable squad to run with.  I noted that they have changed some key features that killed my interest in the title.

DLCs are free for Year 1 – no more issues with not having the right environment. This is an honest move as it created a massive difference between gamers who played occasionally and the elites.

8-player Raids were added as the ultimate end-game, clearly a move from the Destiny Universe.

And the ultimate killer move, reward gamers who continue to play The Division 1 with stuff in Division 2.  This move alone pulls me back to NY to scrap around for rewards.

Heading back to DC

I’m not a Twitch subscriber but at this stage, I’m very tempted to start subbing one of my favourite Division streamers. Just hope I can still afford my child support.

For every action there is a reaction

Upcoming AAA gaming hit

If there was one, I missed the Beta testing rounds for the upcoming thriller Detroit: Becoming Human.  Sony pushed out a short demo of the title and I was sold straight away.  I didn’t even bother to explore the demo much but the gaming idea is simple; all your actions are consequential and lead to different storylines and conclusions.

The illusion of free choice is cleverly crafted for the gamer as you ponder what to do.

I’ve nearly reached the FarCry5 Platinum trophy so while Europe tackles new Data laws (GDPR) I will have to Become Human with Detroit robots.

Detroit: Become Human – Beautiful graphics and intense story

GDPR and Detroit Release date 25-May 2018

Digital Blood sports

In less than 3 days the Second Life effect has kicked in.  Playing The Division as a 4 player squad commits you in a different way than any single player game ever could.  Firstly, there is the session commitment where it would not good form to quit unexpectedly.  Unfortunately, this is often the case if you pay attention to your physical life and a 2-3 hour session is broken in the middle of a mission so you can bath the cat WTF.

Skill level

A strong feeling of ‘must do better’ strokes your ego as you seek to improve your abilities and skills so you can bring a brilliant experience to the team.

Enough is enough

Knowing when to stop as a team without bad feelings is key as well as actually playing with like-minded people.  Of course, this just relates to titles where you have full voice chat enabled.

Lost in the crowd

Titles like Star Wars BattleFront give you the mass experience when 20+ players can jump in and out of games without it really getting too personal.

Warping space and time

There’s a real distortion of your physical world and you could easily miss important events like Weddings and such.

Heading back to my safehouses

For now, I’m deleting The Division to focus on more self-paced titles.

Slept in the daytime, no meds today

Shiver me timbers

Two big titles are going head-to-head over the next few weeks in the Person versus Person (PvP) squad environment.  Following a classic Pirates of the Caribbean theme the games tap into our natural urge to hunt for loot as a crew.

Seas of Thieves is a Microsoft exclusive while Ubisoft launch Skull & Bones on all platforms.

Sailing in your own ship creates a natural team bond where members can’t really wonder off and get killed.  Decisions on which quest to tackle or where to go are done over team voice chat so get your microphones ready.  Time will be the killer resource you need to play either game as you’ll probably need to commit to a loose schedule and gameplay duration, this sits well with any streamer.

Microsoft exclusive title

I signed up for the Skull & Bones Beta so let’s see how they stand up.

Ubisoft Cross-platform High seas adventures

Twitch channels followed – 135