Excuses to stealth

At age 14, I strategically used Valentines Day to anonymously share my feelings with girls I fancied or admired in class and watch from a safe distant never revealing myself in person.

Today it’s almost impossible to be truly anonymous and successful hiding is actually frowned upon as freakish and creepy.  The same techniques to surprise a Loved One can be used to destroy, mislead or corrupt without trace but It comes down to moral intentions and belief systems. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to bring out the undetected schemer in you.

Stealth: The ability to reach and/or kill your target without detection.

Stealth mood is one of the most satisfying gaming strategies built into a wide genre of titles, in fact, many games award or punish you based on your stealth skills.  I’m rather addicted to stealth IRL and in my digital playgrounds, the best penetration testers often adopt this mindset to their core.

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.”  Kali OS

Bring Your Own Diversion (BYOD)

InfoSec Acronyms and hype come and go but for me, the most notable of 2017 is the absence of Bring Your Own Device.  Are people still using their own gear with company data? Yes.  Is the risk any less this year? No.

So why the sudden lack of focus on BYOD? Well, it’s been brutally replaced with acronym monsters GDPR and BREXIT where you feel like an idiot if you don’t what they mean.  Don’t worry sooner or later some know-all will share his or her expert unsolicited opinion on the subject.

What the hell is GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is poised to change the strategies for all Information security folk (Hobbyist, Pros, Good guys and Bad).  But is this another hype like the Y2K Bug? And if so, what’s the big one for 2018-2019?

Without PR and marketing, we wouldn’t know what to be scared of and what to spend money on.  In the meantime, I’ll sit up on the moral high ground in my sniper nest for a few months and watch the panic.

Always grinding in Sniper Medic mode

40 days without exercise

First day of Snow

For once I was actually ready for it…..Winter 101, good coat, boots, hat and gloves.  I just need to get a couple of thick Dr Who scarves and I’m set.

Perfect for duvet days

Ebenezer’s guide to Christmas

What do you want?  I’ve spent over 2 hours trawling one of the biggest shopping websites in the world and I still can’t find something I actually want.  Bah humbug to it all.  Why do I have to force feed myself reasons to be jolly anyhow?

What’s really important is being around people who actually care about my existence.  Besides, the things that give me a real buzz cannot be bought with a civilian security clearance or are too elite to be on any retail shopping outlet.

December 25th, 2017 Daytona Beach (destination not reached)

7 ways to sidestep Santa mayhem – online and offline

Give small but niche token gifts
Use a daily cash envelope system
Use Load-up cards only
Carry a food flask so you don’t eat too much
Talk and Dream about Summer 2018 holidays
Grab the designated driver card to avoid drinking
Downgrade to a “dumb” phone…Text and Talk only

Run out of Pyridostigmine

Fallen down

Giving the player free-roaming options in a massive Open World is the ultimate gameplay.

FallOut 4 is an old game but now dominates my game time, typically 3-5 hours a day throughout the night.  I’m still only level 15 and backtracking to farm some of the earlier areas and chapters in the game.

This has triggered poor eating and almost no exercise, binging on peanut butter and jam sandwiches is not a good thing.  I recognise the fact that I’m just trying to escape the “End of month, Run out of money” Blues.


“If you want something you’ve never had
You must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

― Thomas Jefferson