Dear Mother

Restoring yourself can be a slow process. Fortunately, I recognised that I needed healing and just completed the final phase by returning to the Motherland.

I’ve resisted the distractions and “busy” things that pulled me away from returning to my original state and now I feel reborn, refreshed and ready for the rest of the year.  Her healing powers are undeniable and for the most part I feel powerful.

Next stop…..Daytona Beach Sunrise.

Start 2019 on a Boss Level

No New Year’s resolutions just a desire to do better, break the Status Quo and ditch the disappointments of 2018.

The New Year always serves are an excellent reset point.  This year it’s really awkward returning back to “normal” life after the past few week Caribbean exploration. I’ll be jumping the highly criticized FallOut 76 universe which was surprisingly reduced in price way ahead of the normal lifecycle. 

How bad can it be?

I was gifted The 2017 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard but will hibernate this survival horror and head back to grinding the Division.

Designated as Safe

Whenever there’s a kernel panic it’s natural for services to be re-set and returned to a default state. After the horrendous Christmas travel experience, I finally arrive in Florida…my default State.  This area is designated as Safe….. far from hostiles (close and hidden).

The first line of order….get settled into my emotional baseline and put down all the trauma of 2018. Set sail to re-build my global emergency funds.

Crossing the pond doesn’t just change my location it changes my emotional, physical state and outlook on life.

Ready for the double Win 2019

ClickOnyx The Grey

It’s a common line of thought that a Man’s car is an extension of his ego and Manhood

2019 objective – “get a car”

It’s been over 2 years since I let my Manhood go and joined the zombie commuters every day.   I despise every minute of it.

ONRUSH™, an all-action arcade racer from Codemasters comes to the rescue with an overdose of adrenaline, ego and manhood.  I feel it pumping through my veins with every session’s hypnotic music soaked gorging. This is no racing game, it’s all out combat on the roughest of tracks.

ONRUSH™ – perfect Acade action

Coming out of retirement

Well, I’ve finally earned the FarCry 5 Platinum after some cheesy Arcade gameplay.  Anyhow,  it’s back to FallOut 4 to finish the story while I wait for Detroit: Becoming Human in 20 days.

Far Cry® 5 – Chessy Arcade gameplay