Who are you really kidding?

[Rant] This wave of forced remote workers has put us into unique position of actually looking at the various tiers of remote workers and how they are treated in the virtual workplace.

Societies in general have never really respected the virtual worker either the Road Warrior executive, the application developer or administrator.  The truth is the temptation to goof off and waste the day on non-work-related activities is overwhelming alongside constant interruptions from friends and family who don’t respect the virtual workspace.

Coming together as teams works really well but becoming chronically isolated is very common and I did slip into a brain fog over and over again trying to focus on complicated topic usually discussed face-to-face.

My online collaborations and relations with fellow gamers have been an excellent but somewhat distracting occupation. In the absence of clear boundaries you have to make your own.

No milk? Time to leave the house – Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Being the Bad guy

With only a few days left before FarCry 5 is unleashed, it’s time to pause and ponder on the merit of being the Bad Guy.  I’ve deliberately not focussed on the FarCry 5 story as not to spoil the first time experience but the image of a Black preacher with a Bible in one hand and a grenade in the other is classic inner conflict that promises excellent gameplay and storyline.

I’m not sure if this is a playable character but if so I’ll jump into this role from Day One.

Out of warranty, uninsured and not supported

It’s pretty hard to convince an individual to invest any time into a Personal IT disaster recovery plan.  Even if they have experienced some IT loss, folk simply think their gadgets will continue working forever,

A visit to an Apple genius bar will see a constant flow of disparate anxious end-users who are there because of some kind of IT failure.  As an engineer, it’s great solving problems and putting out fires but most incidents can be easily avoided.

Did you backup today?

Ethical justice

Aiding and abetting is a standard crime in the physical world.  The message is being pushed out strongly to Malware authors that if your tools are used in a crime you will be prosecuted.  Security researchers face the same challenge but abide to ethical standards.

No more hiding behind the keyboard

Taylor Huddleston was selling this tools for a bargain at 25 USD, it worked and naturally was a hit with all types of hackers.  Read on

Why can’t this same approach tackle the rampant gun crimes in the US?

Ethically inappropriate?

Pain tolerance

It’s been over a year since my last tooth extraction.  It took two burly male dentists to get those sucker teeth out of my head.  Leading up to the operation the pain was so bad I couldn’t think or walk properly.  I cried daily to myself.

The memory pain faded pretty fast as I pushed it deep in the past…but sometimes it’s good to remember the pain, learn from the pain.

What the “bleep-bleep” is that for?

You ruined my life and I hate myself for allowing it to happen, I failed with blunt indecision but not anymore. Rationalisation comes with plenty of unintended consequences, no more playground fun, no more “why” questions and it’s all so quiet now.

I’ve started on a new study path that will take me 6 to 8 months to complete.  After that, it’ll be academically satisfied for till 2020.

No meds today, no pain today

Make me redundant

In my early career, the word redundancy used to strike fear into my well-being. Decades later it’s a place a comfort and represents resilience.  Backing up the backup and testing the back-up routinely is an easy habit to adopt. Sadly. For  many end users, they simply store all their precious data on a single device with unknown backup status.

Where’s my data?

A family member nearly lost over 5000 images because they critically failed to even grasp the relevance of backup or data management.

The strategy should always be protecting the data first and the end-point device second but unfortunately, we love our shiny phones way too much to think that way.

Zero gameplay or medication today