Brand shopping list (6)

I’m not actually sure what’s available but I’m started farming “brand” parts so I can create collections on my 2nd character just for the hell of it. Could be a needle in a haystack especially if you can’t actually build 6 pieces of all brands.

                             Missing from my stash
Badger Tuff:                 Vest, holster and knee pads
Murakami:                    Mask
Providence Defense:          Gloves,holster and knee pads
Airaldi Holdings:            Mask,Vest and knee pads
Overlord Armaments:          Mask, Armour, Holster 
Gila Guard:                  None

Next up on the list (9)

Douglas and Harding
China Light Industries Corp
Sokolov Concern
Richter & Kaiser GmbH
Alps Summit Armament
Wyvern Wear
Petrov Defense Group
Fenris Group AB
5.11 Tactical 
Detroit: Become Human – Always watching

A little help here

Navigating spoilers is tricky nowadays with everyone publishing everything as soon as they discover it.  Often, the person is just passing on leaked info like a chain letter. I haven’t had the time or motivation to chase Hunter masks but clearly Division 2 have designed these level 35 NPCs for Easter Egg types who are meticulous and motivated.

To the Bat Cave

Free Online video services always make it a no-brain to find secrets, so here is what I’ve learned from @Dazed Gaming

Hunters Location tips

Track them after 7pm (game time)

Hunter #1

  1. Henry Bacon Drive             N° 1165  W°1764
  2. Then                                           N° 962   W°1913
  3. Then                                           clear NPCs and shoot light-bulb

Hunter #2

  1. Washington Monument      N° 1015  W°2927
  2. Safe House                                Go down life shaft

There are apparently 10 more hunters to track down and no doubt many players want to show you how. For now, I’ll just track 2 a week from online video tips

What the hell is that?

New gear

As far as I can remember I’ve been risk adverse, not chicken just prone predictable outcomes.  This has led to staying in broken relationships, staying in a job too long and worn out shoes.

Since level 10, I’ve been cradling the M60 and now have the LVOA from D1 as my weapons, not because they are particularly good but because I know how they feel, reload and kill.  My limited game-play nowadays doesn’t give much time to experimentation and many of my sessions are simple farming and grouping up to help others.

I need new gear…. namely vanity items.  Add 3 business suits to the list at 1200 GBP.

I need new gear

Creative Destruction

Building up a new set of characters on D2 will be an adventure and require lots of experimentation, hours and talent to build towards your playstyle and team.

Most importantly, for experienced Divison gamers, it’s the need to ditch many old ideas and strategies from the original and re-invent yourself.

This morning I woke up in a “safe” zone.

Offical The Division 2 Infographic