Alone in the Dark….again

Just like that the Summer ends and sends us into the darkness for months. Well not quite darkness just shorter days so waking up in the dark and leaving work in the dark.  I need Sun to thrive so this time of year is horrendous for my mood, had two silly arguments already.

I’m self-aware about my proneness to Seasonal Depression and have my strategies in place to tackle this somewhat made up condition.

Method 1
Fly South (Florida here I come)
Method 2 
Get up earlier to catch the daylight

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” Confusius


Walk in the Park

Game release timing is always critical.  I’m very picky with when I buy a title as the marketing hype from AAA studios is often a punch in the face.  Indie titles are a bit more honest but often lack the wow factor.  Funny thing is that I’m really enjoying indie title HellBlade.

I sidestepped the travesty of No Man’s Sky but still curious and would probably buy the full game for $20 or so but definitely not for the current $60.  I added two low commitment titles that were not on my buy list but pleasantly interesting with a tempting price drop to $5 from $20, Firewatch and Inside.

Brilliant RabbitHole game – INSIDE

Mafia III (released July 2016) is also down to $16 from $40 but the timing is not right and the drop indicates a possible freebie later this year for PS4 Plus members as they try to boost sales.


Brilliant Walk in the Park – Firewatch

Silos and Bunkers

I’m running around the FarCry5 environment blowing up Silo and searching for bunkers.  Turns out the past 96 hours has been my very own mental bunker.  The great thing about being in a bunker is just having mental space to think but, naturally, you don’t want to be there for too long as the world passes you by.

One of the streamers I’ve followed since Star Wars BattleFront (2015) joined my game and we blew up some heavily armoured trucks to complete one of my missions.

The Co-op feature was fast and seamless and will definitely be useful for harder missions.  As usual, the issue will come down to good communication and agreeing strategies (Stealth or Rampage).

No calls allowed

3 Funerals and a Christening

My normal rigid emotional state has been stretched over the past 10 days supporting Loved ones and friends.  I wasn’t at full readiness but was able to be there when needed.  All down to my single-minded goal focus.

Talents and Perks used in real life

Living simple, clear out unnecessary material things, filter communication, eliminate social media chatter.


Of course, this creates new social links whether you like it or not.

With only 6 days remaining, I’m total ready for FarCry 5.  With US server downloads ready on Sunday, I can see it may well take 1-2 dayst to complete the download.

Time Gentlemen Please

Early retirement

I’ve decided to take early retirement at Level 60 on FallOut 4, freeing up hard drive space and preparing for FarCry 5.  In the meantime, I’ll do the last Global Event in March on Tom Clancy’s The Division just to get some Loot with a chance of exotic weapons and classified gear.

Still plenty of game-play left at Level 60

Right now, I’m full of winter excuses for not hitting the gym but have at least I’ve started studying again.

Fallout 4 – Nice collection

No meds today, No exercise for over 50 days

Pain tolerance

It’s been over a year since my last tooth extraction.  It took two burly male dentists to get those sucker teeth out of my head.  Leading up to the operation the pain was so bad I couldn’t think or walk properly.  I cried daily to myself.

The memory pain faded pretty fast as I pushed it deep in the past…but sometimes it’s good to remember the pain, learn from the pain.

What the “bleep-bleep” is that for?

You ruined my life and I hate myself for allowing it to happen, I failed with blunt indecision but not anymore. Rationalisation comes with plenty of unintended consequences, no more playground fun, no more “why” questions and it’s all so quiet now.

I’ve started on a new study path that will take me 6 to 8 months to complete.  After that, it’ll be academically satisfied for till 2020.

No meds today, no pain today