Struggling to wake up

It’s been over eight years since I last played HEAVY RAIN™, my PS3 failed for some unknown technical reason and I never finished the game.  No saved game back-up, no real motivation to play the game again…until now.

Thanks to PS Plus the game is now free for subscribers and the 30GB+ game now sits nicely on my drive ready to go.

Lately, my fatigue has been getting deeper and longer, I think I’m worrying too much about things out of my control and procrastinating on the core things I need to do.  Twinned with growing work, business accountabilities and calendar pressure I find myself in a terrible state of self-care; I’m clearly not in a good place.

HEAVY RAIN – out of Pyridostigmine


Leave the Party

Like so many tech trends, once something becomes mainstream it simply loses its appeal.  I started DIY mining years ago but quickly figured out that the cost of the hardware, maintenance and most importantly my electricity bill made it a potentially high overhead experiment.

With some many active serious investors hunting for crypto currency, the energy costs are ramping up.

BitCoin costs too much energy (report May 2018)

This report suggests that in a few short months it will no longer be feasible to mine cryptocurrency.  Hopefully, the masses will get the heads-up and go back to what they were doing before the media hype.

Cryptocurrency cost on the rise


Crypto Fool

My Omnia Cloud mining has yielded disappointing results so far but this is not surprising considering the massive drop in values.

After an initial investment of 500 USD
Current mining Earnings 0.72 USD per day
Means it will take a whopping 694 Days to break even,
...that's just under 2 years.

It seems Omnia makes more money from the Multi-Level Marketing aspect than the actual mining at the moment.  The Pay-out procedure is very rigid, ridiculously slow and non-transparent only allowing me to withdrawal my cryptocurrency once (1) a week on Thursdays.

With this scenario, it’s easy to see why Newbie Crypto investors would be sceptical but it all depends on your reasons for getting into Crypto.  For me, the opportunity to remain unseen by central banking is attractive.  Also,  sidestepping the technical hassle and cost of setting up mining servers is excellent.

Today’s Lesson: Define your Crypto goals whether it’s short-term profit to be transferred back to Central banks or leveraging the ability to buy or sell using Cryptocurrencies.

After all, Money is just one big Game anyway

Where’s my Hash Power? – Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Judges Chapter 16 verse 17

“And her told her ALL his heart”

Vulnerability management is a rolling issue, untested patches can mess up your IT systems but ignoring “updates” the writing on the wall can be detrimental to your infrastructure. The insider threat is not talked about as much nowadays namely because the definition of what is an insider is foggy.

With all the juicy bits of data, we knowingly share it’s arguable that we are part of our own downfall.

Since biblical times we know that telling ALL to your closest will eventually reveal your tendons for all to see and exploit.

Meanwhile, the first 24 hours FarCry5 hype is over and whilst it is not dominating it is certainly well up in the top games to play.  Now I can settle down to some good side stories and have actually figured out how to catch fish.

Changing focus for April

Day 2 of Family Court action

Ethical justice

Aiding and abetting is a standard crime in the physical world.  The message is being pushed out strongly to Malware authors that if your tools are used in a crime you will be prosecuted.  Security researchers face the same challenge but abide to ethical standards.

No more hiding behind the keyboard

Taylor Huddleston was selling this tools for a bargain at 25 USD, it worked and naturally was a hit with all types of hackers.  Read on

Why can’t this same approach tackle the rampant gun crimes in the US?

Ethically inappropriate?

Disaster recovery

It’s never gonna happen but when you are hit with a major digital failure it’s always good to where your data is.

Despite having a fairly robust set-up it’s really hard to stay focused and not succumb to the emotional inconvenience of an IT failure.  It always happens when you are busy, traveling and distracted with real life.  Individuals seldom practice the scenario and companies are on high alert standby to fleece you of any hard earning monies to fix the issue.

“everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. Mike Tyson

Titan Attacks! Did you Back-up today?