BigUp Yuhself

Sometimes running sole is much more effective.  Unfortunately, this often leans towards being anti-social or selfish and ultimately can damage relationships.  Next few days will be ultra-social for me, yes, I will be out there for all and Facebook to see.  Fully observable and traceable.

Of course, this is purely so I can harvest my data when I return from glorious China.

I was doing just fine….Thank You

Privately flaccid

Do we act differently when we are aware someone is watching? Probably yes, but eventually we ignore it to take advantage of “free” services.

The next chapter in the Life is Strange Universe was touted as “a free game” but today it seems it’s just a free demo that leads into Life is Strange 2 ($39.99).  Fine, I can accept that but more and more the privacy notices have become so upfront that I swear it has an impact on my experience.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

After accepting the privacy notice and actual choice, 
I proceeded to the game wondered around my character’s 
bedroom then kitchen, interacted with a few items 
wondered outside the house in the snow and then 
deleted the game.

It would be curious as to the analytics the publishers get from my underwhelmed one-time gaming experience.

Leave the Party

Like so many tech trends, once something becomes mainstream it simply loses its appeal.  I started DIY mining years ago but quickly figured out that the cost of the hardware, maintenance and most importantly my electricity bill made it a potentially high overhead experiment.

With some many active serious investors hunting for crypto currency, the energy costs are ramping up.

BitCoin costs too much energy (report May 2018)

This report suggests that in a few short months it will no longer be feasible to mine cryptocurrency.  Hopefully, the masses will get the heads-up and go back to what they were doing before the media hype.

Cryptocurrency cost on the rise


Bone of Contention – Final report

As parties of our group booking headed to YahSo restaurant, we started getting calls saying there was no booking and so the evening started.  Turns out that despite seeing the owner in person and completing a booking form there was no actual table booking on their systems.

At first, I jumped to the ‘on No, not another black business with poor service’ bandwagon but dug deeper into the root cause if the problem.  Turns out the back office sticks to it procedure of booking form and deposit for all group bookings. We failed to respond in time to their Gmail account and there you have it.

Yet another case of technology taken too far, visiting the restaurant the day before with the human factor was fruitless. Booking facelessly online would have secured a table.


Out of warranty, uninsured and not supported

It’s pretty hard to convince an individual to invest any time into a Personal IT disaster recovery plan.  Even if they have experienced some IT loss, folk simply think their gadgets will continue working forever,

A visit to an Apple genius bar will see a constant flow of disparate anxious end-users who are there because of some kind of IT failure.  As an engineer, it’s great solving problems and putting out fires but most incidents can be easily avoided.

Did you backup today?

Digital Blood sports

In less than 3 days the Second Life effect has kicked in.  Playing The Division as a 4 player squad commits you in a different way than any single player game ever could.  Firstly, there is the session commitment where it would not good form to quit unexpectedly.  Unfortunately, this is often the case if you pay attention to your physical life and a 2-3 hour session is broken in the middle of a mission so you can bath the cat WTF.

Skill level

A strong feeling of ‘must do better’ strokes your ego as you seek to improve your abilities and skills so you can bring a brilliant experience to the team.

Enough is enough

Knowing when to stop as a team without bad feelings is key as well as actually playing with like-minded people.  Of course, this just relates to titles where you have full voice chat enabled.

Lost in the crowd

Titles like Star Wars BattleFront give you the mass experience when 20+ players can jump in and out of games without it really getting too personal.

Warping space and time

There’s a real distortion of your physical world and you could easily miss important events like Weddings and such.

Heading back to my safehouses

For now, I’m deleting The Division to focus on more self-paced titles.

Slept in the daytime, no meds today