Which reality?

I’m as uncertain as ever with what is meant to be my “new normal” but a rapid deletion of 1.5GB Tom Clancy’s The Division 1 & 2 severed me from my Clan and gaming buddies for now. My gym is open again and free movement of the people is happening albeit through masked up faces.

Time to move the body, my body

Season 1 is completed and I’ve stashed 3 exotic caches ready for my return after the summer. Last of Us 2 is due for release but I won’t get to play this titles until the autumn which is a pity after waiting years for the sequel.

Which way now? Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Thinning the herd

Credit card debt, alimony, personal requests for money and World War Z throw endless fast paced adversaries at you.  When the hoard spots you then you have no option but to cut them down with all you have, no rules just kill everything.  I’ll be following steamers of this title closely and it’s great to see that the game creators have been true to the movie.

In the meantime, I’m walking in silence alone in the dark.

Threat modeling

My meticulous plans had to be migrated to countermeasures due to the unexpected rogue drone exploiting commercial airspace. This planned attack was timed on one of the busiest travel times and the numbers of passengers impacted over 100,000. 

I was scheduled on the 12:15 Vienna to Gatwick flight today.

07:00 Check BBC radio for general news then got the heads up on the closure of Gatwick.

08:00 Decided to head to the Vienna airport and check in early expecting some delays.

10:35 Gatwick still closed, my flight is delayed to 14:10. Lots of media chatter and noise.

10:45 Suddenly dawns on me that they may not open Gatwick till after 14:00

11:00 I decided to ditch that flight and look for another destination. Hats off to EasyJet for a no quibble of flight to Luton.

11:25 Had to retrieve my checked-in luggage, check in again and go through Passport check….again.

12:00 Gatwick flight pushed back to 16:55 delayed departure. Gatwick still closed.

13:00 arrive at gate and ready to fly

14:17 Late fight departure but relieved to be heading back to the UK.

15:29 (London time) arrived in Luton. Pretty busy, not sure if this is the normal state. My Gatwick flight was cancelled

16:45 Finally boarded train to London.

Things that worked

  • Good situation awareness made it easy to make decisions.
  • Planned contingency already in place
  • Solo travelling, no dependency or discussion.

Things to improve

  • Checked luggage slowed me down but it was needed.
  • Lots of anxiety and panic, lost my ear buds so couldn’t watch any movies.

I wanna Play a game

Just killed a Boss on a brilliant level in FarCry 5 where they have you going through repeated mind control drills killing “ghosts” leading to actually killing a key friendly Boss by mistake.  Classic behaviour manipulation and great game design.

I found him like this…honest – Far Cry® 5

Summer is in full swing as we forget the snow and ice rain a few months ago.
Time for Christmas planning?