rm -rf /path/to/divison/*

With only a few weeks remaining for the big global launch, I’ve removed all games bar HitMan and FallOut 76.

I’ll be offline PS4 until launch day anyhow so will miss the public Beta.

Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 – Time managment is critical

FallOut 76: Too big to succeed

My first few hours of gameplay in the FallOut 76 environment were pure immersion as much of the mechanics are simply a follow on from the 2015 FallOut 4.  This is brilliant for fans of the series, but I can see why some gamers won’t be playing long term especially being an online game where you seldom bump into other players.  This evident with the 36% within three months of release.

My playlist schedule is packed with juicy titles.

  • The Division 2 (pre-ordered)     12-March
  • Gone Days                                          26 April
  • FarCry The New Dawn                  15-Feb
  • Life Is Strange: Before the Storm 

Naturally, the Division 2 hype train is unstoppable with millions of gamers on standby for the beta and full game.  A new ecosystem will spring up around the game and support services like Discord will be on fire.

Anyhow, I started on a new 2-year MSc journey teaching and learning.

Manage | Teach | LEARN