Binary decisions

Sometimes hard decisions are simply a case of On or Off.

After a Division 2 weekend binge of Level 4 Control Points, Invasion missions and a Hunter mask, I decided to just delete the game from my primary PS4 and jump into the FarCry New Dawn World.  I grabbed the financial bait, a whopping 67% off the list price and the offline, story driven nature of the game.

Don’t get me wrong, deleting the 97+GB of Division 2 was rough especially knowing how much time it will take to re-install but the Raids did not justify the potential time investment. Also, one of my long term fellow gamers became totally obsessed with my skin colour breaking the relatively anonymous nature of online multiplayer games.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Final mission for now

Threat modeling

My meticulous plans had to be migrated to countermeasures due to the unexpected rogue drone exploiting commercial airspace. This planned attack was timed on one of the busiest travel times and the numbers of passengers impacted over 100,000. 

I was scheduled on the 12:15 Vienna to Gatwick flight today.

07:00 Check BBC radio for general news then got the heads up on the closure of Gatwick.

08:00 Decided to head to the Vienna airport and check in early expecting some delays.

10:35 Gatwick still closed, my flight is delayed to 14:10. Lots of media chatter and noise.

10:45 Suddenly dawns on me that they may not open Gatwick till after 14:00

11:00 I decided to ditch that flight and look for another destination. Hats off to EasyJet for a no quibble of flight to Luton.

11:25 Had to retrieve my checked-in luggage, check in again and go through Passport check….again.

12:00 Gatwick flight pushed back to 16:55 delayed departure. Gatwick still closed.

13:00 arrive at gate and ready to fly

14:17 Late fight departure but relieved to be heading back to the UK.

15:29 (London time) arrived in Luton. Pretty busy, not sure if this is the normal state. My Gatwick flight was cancelled

16:45 Finally boarded train to London.

Things that worked

  • Good situation awareness made it easy to make decisions.
  • Planned contingency already in place
  • Solo travelling, no dependency or discussion.

Things to improve

  • Checked luggage slowed me down but it was needed.
  • Lots of anxiety and panic, lost my ear buds so couldn’t watch any movies.

Classified Healer class

Combat Medic is probably the most satisfying role for me on multiplayer titles. A powerful medic makes a difference and in many situations, on The Division it is almost impossible to thrive without a high-level medic on the team.

For new players the safety net of being revived makes the healer class an instant friend. The real life comparison to a knowledgeable InfoSec Pro is interesting as not many organisations wing it without at least one specialist being accountable.


A little Bump and Grind

I’ve spent the past few days in the game reward loop earning points on Tom Clancy’s The Division Global Event.  It’s an excellent way to keep gamers playing with the hope of finding loot and rewards.

I ended up aiming for 50 mixed caches as my goal at the end of GE which should increase my chances of getting something special.  My cache opening ceremony will probably take 20-30 minutes just to re-organise the inventory.

Here’s what on the Wishlist

AlphaBridge Classified    Holster
Striker Classified        Gloves and Holster
Lone Star Classified      Mask, Knee Pads and Holster
D3-FNC Classified         Holster
Reclaimer Classified      Gloves and Knee Pads

This is absolute gibberish to non-Division gamers and like all acronyms and industry talk, it inadvertently divides people.  I could actually meet a Division player and have a full decent genuine conversation dispute the demographic or real-life profile.  Words like grind, face tanking, exotics and caches mean a totally different thing here.

This is what makes a game successful, I don’t see nothing wrong with a little Bump and Grind.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Rush for loot

1st day of exercise for 50 days….feels good though.

I will survive

After 20+ hours of grinding away and failing, I finally extracted from The Division’s Survival DLC today.   Good thing it was released for free but I’ll probably buy it in September ($14.99).

This mode has an excellent game cycle to keep you playing as well as the constant intensity of running around New York in a snowstorm scavenging for meds, food, water and guns….loot, loot, loot.

Of course, it meant hiding from real life stuff.  Tomorrow, just Global Event stuff, all part of the road to D2.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Survived

Lab time

Designing, setting up and maintaining a computer lab is always a great time for me.  Layer 1 is always a bit of a chore but getting the right team together makes it light work.

In 4-6 weeks I hope to have a decent backbone with an enterprise-class topology and a gaming rig at the core ready for Division 2.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – re-building an Infrastructure takes time.

Today’s attack was routed through Italy, a nasty little attempt.

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