The Art of being carried

I once read that you should aim to be the dumbest one in the room if you want to get ahead. For me, this has always been an issue as folk look to me as THE subject matter expert.

Raiding on The Division 2 spawns some interesting group dynamics which you have an organic hierarchy of Leader, lieutenants, grunts and carries. A carry is a player that shouldn’t even be in the Raid as they either don’t have the skills or know what to do.

A Carry is like the child you take for their first karate lesson. Interesting enough I’ve enjoyed running as a Carry with no responsibilities or ego for the past few months. Still no Eagle Bearer but I haven’t really earned it.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Waiting for a Carry

Perfect Concussion

For the past few months my working environment, namely my primary office, has been an uncomfortable place to work from.  This environmental problem has been stealth and very gradual.  A part malfunction in the ventilation system pushing up the daily heat to 96 degrees daily but in a typical head in the sand approach I did nothing about it.

The environment impacted my mood, focus and ability to concentrate for more than 20 mins but my subconscious coping mechanism made me leave the office early, work from other areas in the building and generally be missing-in-action on a daily basis.

A simple call to building services resolved the issue but it dawned on me how often we ignore the root cause of a problem.

Time to re-focus – Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

My personal Mean time to recovery (MTTR)

Having an episode triggered by a simple argument is horrendous for the average Myasthenia Gravis sufferer.  The spike in stress levels become physically real but invisible to most.  In my case, I tend to implode for fear of becoming a bore to friends or family like the person who constantly catches the common cold.

Recover time is slow but steady without take any medication.

Yesterday’s recover time was around 4 hours from Anger /Rage spike followed by extreme weakness then procrastination, ignoring my status and feelings with wishful thinking.  Eventually, I become self-aware again and simply sleep for 3 hours or so waking up somewhat revived.  Problem is that this can be right in the midst of the working day or week.

For me, conflict avoidance is a successful method but sometimes like the sweet, sweet Honey Bee the price of stinging somebody is pretty high.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Just leave me alone

Gamer privacy at risk

Division 2 Raids are simply work.  This game mode brings out the best in any squad with 8 players actually working together I see planning, teamwork, persistence, critical learning, voice communications and statistical analysis playing a big part in defeating the bosses.

I’m working on my Merciless build and practicing the explosive damage feature and should be raid ready in July.

Like most online gamers my Data is out there in the wild for anyone to see.  Tracker sites publicly share valuable profile statistics so you can look up your potential squad members easily.

So far, the data looks fair accurate but no doubt paying members get fresher intelligence.

Gamer privacy: There’s nothing a gamer can do to restrict this data…just don’t play would be a solution.

ClickOnyxDC Division 2 Play Details * sourced from

Bleeding Kills 141 Top 43%
Burning Kills 1,468 Top 4%
Shocked Kills 78 Top 33%
Ensnare Kills 17 Top 46%
Headshot Kills 2,834 Top 21%
Shotgun Kills 142 Top 31%
SMG Kills 1,509 Top 15%
Turret Kills 261 Top 8%
Pistol Kills 40 Top 43%
Rifle Kills 0
Grenade Kills 131 Top 31%
Addicted to Gaming….hell yeah