Running away from the Real World

FallOut 4 has proven to be the ultimate escape from reality especially when things are not going so good.

15+ hours of full-on FallOut gameplay this week.

…not good.

Fallout 4 – Back at Yard

Killing zombies and building virtual houses is much more fun than dealing with things I “should have” or “could have” done.

Fallout 4 – Got my Eye on You

The problem with Digital content games is that you simply can’t take out the disk from your console if you want to lay off it for a while.

It took 5 seconds to delete a game that will take hours to re-install.

Fallout 4 – If only hacking was so easy

Initial Game release date: November 10, 2015

First rule about Mental Health

Rule 1. Don’t talk about mental health, especially when it’s someone you know personally.

Rule 2. Never talk about Mental Health – It stirs up feelings of resentment, anger, guilt and helplessness towards the person who is ill.

Rule 3. Review Rule 1

It sucks but talking about someone’s fragile state of minds is a scary topic.  I am totally unequipped to handle it when someone freaks out on me and starts acting “weird”.

There’s an overwhelming feeling of self-preservation that sweeps over me, almost like I think the person’s corrupted mental state is contagious.

My initial instinct is to run away,  throw up a drone and snip them from a distance.  Unfortunately, tactical moves from Ghost Recon® Wildlands will not work here.

Rule 1. Don’t talk about it?

How does one handle someone showing signs of massive memory loss, chronic paranoia, irrational thoughts and threats to self?

Total carnage…..I Love it

I just spotted a gore title released last month that can serve as a nice Rage outlet.

How to Survive 2 is low cost top down button mashing Zombie killer survival game.

Not many people streaming it right now but it’s a multiplayer so you may meet some real life psychopaths along the way.

It’s a Mature rated game (17+ Blood, Gore and Intense prolonged violence) so it was a little disturbing seeing a YouTube Video by SuperiorZane08, who is sounds like a 10-year old child,  giving a tour of the game.

I bet the parents have no idea what the kid is doing.