Last of the Summer Whine

Well, play time is nearly over with the meteorological Autumn well in season.  Time to consider winter coats and long sleeve shirts.  Apparently, it will be easier to get loot and gear in Division 2 after the next update. This will be perfect for me to immerse myself outside real life.

The real-life grind ahead of me for the next few months will be at “challenging level” and I’ll need to pull on the talents of those around me.

More gear please

There’re in my head….

Games as a Service (Gaa) is now the dominant content delivery method on PS4 which means you pretty much rent stuff as opposed to owning it. Dammit, another thing you should add to your digital asset list on your Last Will & Testament.

PS4 Plus is mandatory if you want to play online games but comes with lots of free games every month so long as you maintain membership. So for my own little self-Denial of Service I’ve let my service expire for a few weeks, this kills of Division 2 for a while but I’ll plan to be back in August.

Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 – offline game-play not an option.