Start 2019 on a Boss Level

No New Year’s resolutions just a desire to do better, break the Status Quo and ditch the disappointments of 2018.

The New Year always serves are an excellent reset point.  This year it’s really awkward returning back to “normal” life after the past few week Caribbean exploration. I’ll be jumping the highly criticized FallOut 76 universe which was surprisingly reduced in price way ahead of the normal lifecycle. 

How bad can it be?

I was gifted The 2017 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard but will hibernate this survival horror and head back to grinding the Division.

Hamilton Level [Completed]

I literally ignored the Broadway play, Hamilton, when it hit London 19 months ago.

I had a clue about what this Hip Hop Opera would be like and the blend of US History into a Rap musical with its reputation of selling out at £100 a ticket every night was very intriguing.

Could it really be that good? 

Best Birthday present EVER

From the opening curtain, I was captivated by the songs, the set, the laughs, the costumes, the romantic bits and the tragedy.  By the 46th song, my hands were swollen from clapping so hard.  Sheer musical genius and a brilliant London Theatre night out.  The USA history sent me back to my times living in Washington DC, I honestly didn’t see myself being back in Europe but it just wasn’t meant to be.  If you can’t make it in DC during the Obama Years then it’s time just to be a tourist.

Completing Hamilton in Co-op mode was a high-end pleasure so now I treat myself by re-living the night with the soundtrack.  At the same time, I solo killed my final Hunter for The Division Phoenix Shield.  Took multiple 1-hour attempts and then I finally cornered the bastard thanks to the Global Event modifier and a crafted Custom M44 rifle with a 12x scope.

Bone of contention

I Love my “Yard” Food and as a Jamaican, in Austria, it’s a culinary treat I seek out when roaming London.

Restaurateurs face a tough battle with overheads and workload, Yah-So Caribbean restaurant opened last year in Thornton Heath, South London with Central London prices but promises to deliver the authentic flavours our families bought to the UK in the 1960’s.

The lunchtime experience was disappointing.  The advertised hours of 12noon to 12midnight is clearly overly ambitious as we faced a locked door at 13:30.  Strike One; then our lunchtime takeout order took over 60 mins to arrive and when we got home it wasn’t complete.

I ain’t mad just a bit disappointment, the food was certainly delicious and we made a group booking for friends and family.

Another major business error, you can only do online booking through a 3rd party as the website was not “live” at this time.

Let’s hope the evening experience is better.

Join us at Yah-So Caribbean Restaurant

Location:         442 Whitehorse Rd, Thornton Heath
Postcode:         CR7 8SB
Date:             Friday 16th March
Time:             20:00
Price             £30 per head

Maybe they should have called the restaurant “Soon Come”

Today is a Good Day

After a horrendous weekend of technical problems, I started my Monday with a simple written statement that I deeply wanted.

Six hours later I found the technical sweet spot for a complete solution.  Now the paradox question to myself is “What if, I didn’t write my affirmation statement in the morning?”  Tangible success is a great thing and I should continue aiming higher.

What do you want for me?

What do I want for myself?

What is stopping me?

Tom Clancy’s The Division – 2 years later

Today is a Good Day

Yesterday, I failed

I failed to back up a MacBook

I failed to restore a Windows 10 laptop

…and I failed to see my long-time friend before he died of Cancer.

The reasons for failure are never easy to accept and we are told to learn from the experience. I let excuses, superficial barriers and distractions taint my objectives and this is clearly only my fault.

RIP My Network guru…I will never forget you.