Budget tweeking

So are all games going to be survival, PvP and Battle Royal?  FallOut 76 goes online for the first time, FarCry 5 co-op was excellent but PvP was terrible.  Size, however, is everything as we will see in The Divison 2 with its 1:1 scale map of D.C.

We know some much but so little

FallOut 76 is tagged to be 4 times the size of FallOut 4 (took me a year to complete the main campaign).  The move to online gaming surely signals the end of single-player campaigns with offline physical media and puts even more critical pressure on the gamer to have a stable and fast dedicated Internet connection.

It’s time to adjust my budget opting to get the PS4 Plus in 2019 instead.  Thankfully, this keeps my annual budget way under $1000.

Software / Hardware  Notes  Cost
PS4 Plus  $60.00
Overkill’s The Walking Dead November 2018
FarCry 5
Platinum completed  $60.00
Last of Us 2 No release date  $60.00
Death Stranding 2019 release  $60.00
Days Gone Feb 2019  $60.00
Detroit – Become Human Available now  $60.00
Indie titles x 5  $100.00
FallOut 76 November 2018  $60.00
Total  $520

28 Years ago, I should have known better

On reflection, I now crave the simplicity of my life in the 90’s.  The flow of data was slower, less widespread and simpler to secure as not many people knew it was there in the first place.

Today, we are swimming in data flows and everyone is their own system administrator.  iOS Beta 3 is now available, I can’t see the differences but no doubt the vendor is crunching an exabyte of test device data.  I’m still hooked on the Screen Time application.

I’m part of the generation that didn’t realise what it actually meant to push all end-users to be Network-centric and eventually dependent.  Now, turn off the Network and all hell breaks loose.  The option to live an offline digital life is now cumbersome, awkward and attracts suspicion as to why you are “not online”.

Data availability

28 years ago I knew users would have to be on the network to make data availability work, now I realise that helping to create that dependency was a mistake.  And like South Londoner, Michelle Wallen sang so wonderfully as Pica Paris “I Should’ve Known Better”.

Back in days of the BootLeg

Of course, it creates a nice arena for Data Privacy specialist like me.

For every action there is a reaction

Upcoming AAA gaming hit

If there was one, I missed the Beta testing rounds for the upcoming thriller Detroit: Becoming Human.  Sony pushed out a short demo of the title and I was sold straight away.  I didn’t even bother to explore the demo much but the gaming idea is simple; all your actions are consequential and lead to different storylines and conclusions.

The illusion of free choice is cleverly crafted for the gamer as you ponder what to do.

I’ve nearly reached the FarCry5 Platinum trophy so while Europe tackles new Data laws (GDPR) I will have to Become Human with Detroit robots.

Detroit: Become Human – Beautiful graphics and intense story

GDPR and Detroit Release date 25-May 2018

Shiver me timbers

Two big titles are going head-to-head over the next few weeks in the Person versus Person (PvP) squad environment.  Following a classic Pirates of the Caribbean theme the games tap into our natural urge to hunt for loot as a crew.

Seas of Thieves is a Microsoft exclusive while Ubisoft launch Skull & Bones on all platforms.

Sailing in your own ship creates a natural team bond where members can’t really wonder off and get killed.  Decisions on which quest to tackle or where to go are done over team voice chat so get your microphones ready.  Time will be the killer resource you need to play either game as you’ll probably need to commit to a loose schedule and gameplay duration, this sits well with any streamer.

Microsoft exclusive title

I signed up for the Skull & Bones Beta so let’s see how they stand up.

Ubisoft Cross-platform High seas adventures

Twitch channels followed – 135