Zombie flights

Any fan of AMC’s original series The Walking Dead will be taking note of the parallels to our current lockdown state. Restricted travel is bad enough but travel docs are now more critical than ever. From tomorrow, additional clearance is needed for anyone returning to the UK whether you are a National or Visitor. You are greeted by a horrendous warning if you try to renew your UK Passport from outside the country.

Normal service standards are currently suspended. We cannot confirm when a passport will be received, or when documents provided in support of an application will be returned.

Sunday 7th June 2020 UK Government – Passport renewals

Like the The Walking Dead we do not know the root cause of the outbreak and do not have a cure or vaccine….just don’t get bitten.

Do you know something I don’t know?

It’s kinda worrying when a health workers turns up to your house after you’ve called medical services for a C-19 test.

I’m not panicking yet as at least this way I will know either way why I feel so bad over the past few days. Is it Myasthenia gravis kicking my ass again or something else?

Gaming As a Therapeutic method (GAT)

This is not the time or place to be broken-hearted or wounded.  Condolences are often followed with a mild barrage of stories about how “they lost someone also” and whilst this is fine and therapeutic for them it does nothing for me.  Anyhow, it all said with the best of intentions, so I listen and smile and pivot onto another topic.

Using my own self craft Gaming As a Therapeutic method (GAT) I dived back into the Divison 2 for the Chapter 3 content and of course, my absolute best killing style of burning things to a crisp was boasted by the Firewall Specialist. This is very appropriate for Firewall Specialist.

Trying to remain upbeat in a onslaught of negative news is beast especially Division 2 glitches my out of the game every few hours . This is annoying in an otherwise smooth online service but users and gamers expected 99.999% uptime nowadays and I know how tough that is to maintain.

Real World mirrors Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Holidays Survival

Sundays, Christmas holidays and meetings all have traits that make me want to head to an isolated beach and a snack.

The stealth poison of being busy contaminated the quality of all my relationships and I often allow to go unchallenged.

London 11:44 – one of the worst times to travel on the underground

Christmas holidays: The ba humbug of unnecessary overspending.

5 Traits of failed busYness

Failure to plan
Failure to anticipate
Failure to research
Failure to look at lessons learned from previous events
Peer or crowd pressure to follow the popular
Failure to create contingencies
Failure to avoid white noise
I’m busier than you disease
You are so lazy condemnation

No, I don’t want a gift from you

My personal Mean time to recovery (MTTR)

Having an episode triggered by a simple argument is horrendous for the average Myasthenia Gravis sufferer.  The spike in stress levels become physically real but invisible to most.  In my case, I tend to implode for fear of becoming a bore to friends or family like the person who constantly catches the common cold.

Recover time is slow but steady without take any medication.

Yesterday’s recover time was around 4 hours from Anger /Rage spike followed by extreme weakness then procrastination, ignoring my status and feelings with wishful thinking.  Eventually, I become self-aware again and simply sleep for 3 hours or so waking up somewhat revived.  Problem is that this can be right in the midst of the working day or week.

For me, conflict avoidance is a successful method but sometimes like the sweet, sweet Honey Bee the price of stinging somebody is pretty high.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Just leave me alone