My personal Mean time to recovery (MTTR)

Having an episode triggered by a simple argument is horrendous for the average Myasthenia Gravis sufferer.  The spike in stress levels become physically real but invisible to most.  In my case, I tend to implode for fear of becoming a bore to friends or family like the person who constantly catches the common cold.

Recover time is slow but steady without take any medication.

Yesterday’s recover time was around 4 hours from Anger /Rage spike followed by extreme weakness then procrastination, ignoring my status and feelings with wishful thinking.  Eventually, I become self-aware again and simply sleep for 3 hours or so waking up somewhat revived.  Problem is that this can be right in the midst of the working day or week.

For me, conflict avoidance is a successful method but sometimes like the sweet, sweet Honey Bee the price of stinging somebody is pretty high.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Just leave me alone

A Year of Endurance

Nothing significant about Year 52 apart from the consistent personal pressure and compliance under duress.  I have carved out my own little oasis though and find myself exclusively on The Division nowadays 2-6 hours a day.

Something is still not right

No more blogging till 2019

SONY is scamming gamers on refunds!

From a customer point of view, downloadable content that is unusable for ANY reason should be refunded.  Sony USA customer support [+1 800  345 7999] declined my request to use The Division’s Survival DLC ($14.99) on my US account because I have a UK disk.

Fuck you Sony…..Regional lock is a total scam for global gamers.

So here is the consideration….do I go for the download version of Division 2 or a UK Disk?

Also, it shows that the motherfuckers track everything gamers are doing.  I made the same mistake a few months ago and actually got a refund.

My bad.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Sony fucks you if you made a purchase mistake

On the plus side, I did actually get to speak to a human being and being a frugal gamer it didn’t break the budget just annoyed the hell out of me on principle.

So I accepted the loss and promptly purchased the DLC from my UK PSN account with the goal of actually using it on my US account…

How did that work out for ya?

2.758GB, 25 minutes and £11.99 later….it worked

The Closer I get to You – Unforgiving and Brutal

I condensed my usual pace of gameplay over 3 weeks into 3 days of The Division because of the Global Event.  I didn’t come across many players who hadn’t played the game before and It’s clear that The Division 2 will break sales records with millions of players jumping around DC for loot and kills.

Enough is enough already, so I fell back to my cut-off strategy of removing the disk and deleting the game to simply stop playing it.  I haven’t even looked at others title for the past few weeks.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – knowing when to quit playing

August gameplay

This month’s line up looks great with Mafia III (single player) and Dead by Daylight (PvP) free for PS Plus folk.  I nearly bought Mafia III a few months ago when it went on sale but figured it would be free at some point for this 2-year-old title.  Dead by Daylights format of 4 verses 1 has not been as popular as the all-out 100 player format or 4 versus 4 formats.

Anyhow for me, August is a PvP free month but I’ll certainly view my favourite streamers escapades and will be missing the past few days ShotGun onslaught up close and personal.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Be back in September folks

Solo runs

My love for single player games continues; this skillset is particularly fruitful in a real-life Person versus Environment (PvE) situation. This morning I arrive at Gatwick Airport knowing I had just one hour to get to the terminal gate.

Navigating major airport terminals during summer holidays is challenging if you don’t anticipate the delays and have a countermeasure in mind. Also, any Network specialist will tell you that the last ‘hop’ is often the most problematic.

Airport terminal log – target Gate arrival time 11:20

10:30 arrive at Gatwick by train
10:40 arrive at terminal monorail shuttle 
transfer (Primary service)
Delay 1 - (Service failure)Terminal train 
out of service transferred to slow buses.
10:45 arrive at terminal
10:50 Checked-in luggage (I don’t normally do this)
10:55 Arrive at security check
Delay 2 - (Slow Service) Carry-on luggage 
selected for ‘random’ check
11:05 Cleared to proceed to gateway
Delay 3 - Gate allocated at 15 mins walk 
11:10 Arrive at Gate sweating and panting
11:30 Actually boarding plane
Delay 4 - Sitting on runway 
waiting for flight slot
12:14 Flight actually takes off

Flight departure scheduled for 11:55 and there no compensation or anything I can do about it except bitch and blog.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – the downside of Server side gaming

Hazards and delays avoided
Heavy or cumbersome hand luggage 
Travel document misplaced 
Gadgets misplaced 
Fast steady pace walk pass all NPCs 
(In real life - families, groups,tourists, 
airport staff walking the opposite way and 
folk who arrived early)
Shopping queues 
No window shopping 
No phone calls
No App checking
No SMS or VoIP 
No other players
...single player runs are definitely faster

Mission accomplished – Side effects

Elevated blood pressure 
Massive adrenaline surge
No time to think
No last minute detours
Hight chance of verbal conflict


Arrive 2 hours ahead of time. 
(Problem: 4 out 5 EasyJet flights delayed)

ABSOLVER – Time to relax

Chaos can raise its head rapidly. Are you prepared?

Winter version is similar with the added bonus of being able to use your coat to conceal a second carry-on bag avoiding the additional fee….whoops, did I say that out loud.