The meaning of Second Life

Games are games, even OpenWorld games have a beginning and End game and most importantly progress, levelling up and LOOT.  It’s been years since I logged into my Second Life, the new Terms of Service are simple and clear enough.

1.3 Your User Content is not confidential; You represent that your Content is original to you (and/or your minor child).

Well, I could not be bothered to install the viewer to see how my Avatar looked after all these year but for the most part my Second Life is dead.  I have little or no impulse to be online all the time and could easily get live on a cruise ship with slow latent satellite internet at sea.

In a few short weeks, I’ll be experiencing a new level that scares the crap out of me – Hong Kong.

Gamer privacy at risk

Division 2 Raids are simply work.  This game mode brings out the best in any squad with 8 players actually working together I see planning, teamwork, persistence, critical learning, voice communications and statistical analysis playing a big part in defeating the bosses.

I’m working on my Merciless build and practicing the explosive damage feature and should be raid ready in July.

Like most online gamers my Data is out there in the wild for anyone to see.  Tracker sites publicly share valuable profile statistics so you can look up your potential squad members easily.

So far, the data looks fair accurate but no doubt paying members get fresher intelligence.

Gamer privacy: There’s nothing a gamer can do to restrict this data…just don’t play would be a solution.

ClickOnyxDC Division 2 Play Details * sourced from

Bleeding Kills 141 Top 43%
Burning Kills 1,468 Top 4%
Shocked Kills 78 Top 33%
Ensnare Kills 17 Top 46%
Headshot Kills 2,834 Top 21%
Shotgun Kills 142 Top 31%
SMG Kills 1,509 Top 15%
Turret Kills 261 Top 8%
Pistol Kills 40 Top 43%
Rifle Kills 0
Grenade Kills 131 Top 31%
Addicted to Gaming….hell yeah

I posted this video of you of FB, do you mind?

The case of remaining anonymous is harder today that at any time in my father’s life.  Today, being untraceable, unlinkable and unobserved is a gargantuan fight as regular users armed with powerful mobile computers wonder around taking images and video and immediately uploading publicly.

Show us your Donuts!!

You can control it but friendly 3rd parties and family members are often the prime suspects to breaking your chain of defense.

Next time someone takes of picture of me I’m gonna freaking destroy their precise device and see if they mind it or not. Well, maybe this is going to far but I feel strongly about the issue of eroding privacy and leaving a public evidence that will be there in 10-20 year time.

Cheesing an exploit

It’s pretty standard practise to look for system vulnerabilities for exploits.  Some gamers live to find and share exploits many of which are deliberately  left by developers but more often are unexpected results of fixing something.

The Jamaican Cheese IRL exploit is a tough one to ignore.  This delicacy is commonly available in Jamaican stores at around 11 GBP but once it leaves the island the price quadruples.  Yes, it’s hard to find but dammit we are talking about processed cheese here.  The retailers proudly announce the prices at 40 GBP during Easter, even the massive online retailer sell it over 50 GBP and I never really checked the price outside the peak sale times.

Jamaican Bun and Cheese is a National Tradition exploited globally so by the time it lands on my plate I just ignore the cost and enjoy the taste otherwise “Tastee Cheese” would quickly become sour.

Getting to know you…Getting to know all about you

iOS 12’s new features are perfect for self-analysis. The built-in Screen time feature is just the sort of transparency an users now need.  A pure non-technical approach to analytics give you granular control over your downtime, App time limits and content restricts.

My screen time is 77% down from last week and it’s very fitting as I was using social networking frequently with a Loved one.

Here’s some interest stats about me from ScreenTime

I picked up my phone 30 times a day
Once every 35 minutes after 14:00
I get around 13 notification a day

The most obvious use of this new resource is parent control, although I deliberately changed by device usage behaviour based on these stats.

Many of us won’t want to know these statistics.  The truth about our device dependency is confirmed and proved.

Ignorance is not always bliss.

Privately flaccid

Do we act differently when we are aware someone is watching? Probably yes, but eventually we ignore it to take advantage of “free” services.

The next chapter in the Life is Strange Universe was touted as “a free game” but today it seems it’s just a free demo that leads into Life is Strange 2 ($39.99).  Fine, I can accept that but more and more the privacy notices have become so upfront that I swear it has an impact on my experience.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

After accepting the privacy notice and actual choice, 
I proceeded to the game wondered around my character’s 
bedroom then kitchen, interacted with a few items 
wondered outside the house in the snow and then 
deleted the game.

It would be curious as to the analytics the publishers get from my underwhelmed one-time gaming experience.