Untested backup is worst than no backup

Another nasty little blighter is throwing basic attacks at me…again? (Philippines) Blocked for SQL Injection in query string: tag=zombies” or (1,2)=(select*from(select name_const(CHAR(111,108,111,108,111,115,104,101,114),1),name_c…

Small businesses are perfect nests of unmonitored logs and normally have no idea about their security posture and threat climate. Together with limited in-house talent and interest in analysing these logs. Loose standards and poor digital hygiene leaves the door wide open for cookie-cutter attacks like the one from our predators on

I’ve already said too much

The Art of shutting the hell up is tough to maintain consistently. I kick myself at how transparent I can sometimes become, showing my raw emotions ready for exploitation.

My fellow US squad members often let slip their opinions on real world ballistics whist playing the Division which probably explains why their builds are so bloody brilliant.

Anyways…my hopes of a conflict free weekend were shattered within 2 hours of arriving back in London. On the plus side, I’m thankful for months of good health despite not visiting the gym, eating randomly and too often.

Far Cry® New Dawn – Trust NooooooBody

I hate you so much right now

Advanced persistent threats are one of the most draining of attacks.  The fear factor is high and constant, grinding down the target for a prolonged period.

At this moment in time I am resilient, but the emotion burden is heavy and has a really negative impact on other activities triggering procrastination, rage, thoughts of retaliation and ultimately retribution.

I find myself looking for a source of solace. DENIED

One of the most frustrating screens

Gamer privacy at risk

Division 2 Raids are simply work.  This game mode brings out the best in any squad with 8 players actually working together I see planning, teamwork, persistence, critical learning, voice communications and statistical analysis playing a big part in defeating the bosses.

I’m working on my Merciless build and practicing the explosive damage feature and should be raid ready in July.

Like most online gamers my Data is out there in the wild for anyone to see.  Tracker sites publicly share valuable profile statistics so you can look up your potential squad members easily.

So far, the data looks fair accurate but no doubt paying members get fresher intelligence.

Gamer privacy: There’s nothing a gamer can do to restrict this data…just don’t play would be a solution.

ClickOnyxDC Division 2 Play Details * sourced from https://tracker.gg

Bleeding Kills 141 Top 43%
Burning Kills 1,468 Top 4%
Shocked Kills 78 Top 33%
Ensnare Kills 17 Top 46%
Headshot Kills 2,834 Top 21%
Shotgun Kills 142 Top 31%
SMG Kills 1,509 Top 15%
Turret Kills 261 Top 8%
Pistol Kills 40 Top 43%
Rifle Kills 0
Grenade Kills 131 Top 31%
Addicted to Gaming….hell yeah