Consequences schmonsequences

Life of Gaming Crime It’s not real, right? Wrong….Peer, gang or clan pressure is a real thing that shapes your actual decisions.  Decisions that have real impact.  My 4-year-old Ubisoft account is banned from Division 2 as part of the Damage Per Second glitch exploit punishment.

Fair cope governor but maybe I’ve just been hanging with the wrong gamers.  Gamers who jumped on the YouTube train and like kiddy scripters followed a systematic method for shallow, fake success with no fear of what might happen to their time and economic investment.

It never felt good anyway…

Dishonorable associates unfollowed – Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

So now what? Well, for me a simple purge of all the “friends” who I followed down the wrong rabbit hole. Funny thing is that in my case these “friends” seems to have escaped the banning net and are playing happily, another lesson learned.

This case is very similar to real life cybercrime where the authority’s punish the exploiters rather than the creator or root cause of the exploit. I’ve always been a Beta Tester and Easter Egg hunter but this has the tendency to put your mindset into Hacker mode.

Too real to be fun anymore..Survival is FUN.

To add insult to injury, the workaround of using another account is negated as I didn’t use a hardcopy disk.

Cheese, hack, cheat, exploit {act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage} = ban

March 31st 2020 [15:58] – The demonstration of power has been clarified by an email from Ubisoft confirming a temporary suspension due to Misconduct.

4-year account banned – Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2

Do you know something I don’t know?

It’s kinda worrying when a health workers turns up to your house after you’ve called medical services for a C-19 test.

I’m not panicking yet as at least this way I will know either way why I feel so bad over the past few days. Is it Myasthenia gravis kicking my ass again or something else?

How to invite pain into your Life

Like the mythical Candy Man, it feels like I invited this historical pain into my life. Now it’s time to become an Exorcist.

‘Cause you could fall in, and go psycho
Ain’t no tellin’ where this might go
But I take my chances either way

So come and fuck my life up, baby
Fuck my life up
Come and fuck my life up, baby
Fuck my life up
Come and fuck my life up, baby
Fuck my life up
Come and fuck my life up, baby
Fuck my life up’

Arizona Zervas

Gaming As a Therapeutic method (GAT)

This is not the time or place to be broken-hearted or wounded.  Condolences are often followed with a mild barrage of stories about how “they lost someone also” and whilst this is fine and therapeutic for them it does nothing for me.  Anyhow, it all said with the best of intentions, so I listen and smile and pivot onto another topic.

Using my own self craft Gaming As a Therapeutic method (GAT) I dived back into the Divison 2 for the Chapter 3 content and of course, my absolute best killing style of burning things to a crisp was boasted by the Firewall Specialist. This is very appropriate for Firewall Specialist.

Trying to remain upbeat in a onslaught of negative news is beast especially Division 2 glitches my out of the game every few hours . This is annoying in an otherwise smooth online service but users and gamers expected 99.999% uptime nowadays and I know how tough that is to maintain.

Real World mirrors Tom Clancy’s The Division 2