For every action there is a reaction

Upcoming AAA gaming hit

If there was one, I missed the Beta testing rounds for the upcoming thriller Detroit: Becoming Human.  Sony pushed out a short demo of the title and I was sold straight away.  I didn’t even bother to explore the demo much but the gaming idea is simple; all your actions are consequential and lead to different storylines and conclusions.

The illusion of free choice is cleverly crafted for the gamer as you ponder what to do.

I’ve nearly reached the FarCry5 Platinum trophy so while Europe tackles new Data laws (GDPR) I will have to Become Human with Detroit robots.

Detroit: Become Human – Beautiful graphics and intense story

GDPR and Detroit Release date 25-May 2018

Silos and Bunkers

I’m running around the FarCry5 environment blowing up Silo and searching for bunkers.  Turns out the past 96 hours has been my very own mental bunker.  The great thing about being in a bunker is just having mental space to think but, naturally, you don’t want to be there for too long as the world passes you by.

One of the streamers I’ve followed since Star Wars BattleFront (2015) joined my game and we blew up some heavily armoured trucks to complete one of my missions.

The Co-op feature was fast and seamless and will definitely be useful for harder missions.  As usual, the issue will come down to good communication and agreeing strategies (Stealth or Rampage).

No calls allowed

Geared up

The Global Event over the past few days has proved to be the perfect exit from Tom Clancy’s The Division.  I’ve been able to gear up by solo farming and completing daily assignments.  Hat off to the developers for keeping the 2-year game alive and well, I didn’t have enough time to explore the DLC but have been watching my Twitch broadcasters since release.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

The chatter is now about The Division 2 which may well be sneak peeked at E3 in June.

I’ve explored New York enough in real life to be totally impressed with the environment.  For now, it’s deleted from my hard drive and I’ve installed the heavily anticipated FarCry 5.

Decent bandwidth needed

Last workout 22-March 2018 – 35 mins

Shiver me timbers

Two big titles are going head-to-head over the next few weeks in the Person versus Person (PvP) squad environment.  Following a classic Pirates of the Caribbean theme the games tap into our natural urge to hunt for loot as a crew.

Seas of Thieves is a Microsoft exclusive while Ubisoft launch Skull & Bones on all platforms.

Sailing in your own ship creates a natural team bond where members can’t really wonder off and get killed.  Decisions on which quest to tackle or where to go are done over team voice chat so get your microphones ready.  Time will be the killer resource you need to play either game as you’ll probably need to commit to a loose schedule and gameplay duration, this sits well with any streamer.

Microsoft exclusive title

I signed up for the Skull & Bones Beta so let’s see how they stand up.

Ubisoft Cross-platform High seas adventures

Twitch channels followed – 135

Week 4 – PS4 zero hours gameplay

These extra 10-20 hours I’ve gained from no gameplay have been used for creative thinking and strategizing as well as considering the look and feel of my new infrastructure.  Tactically, I feel ready for the grind I’ve set-up for myself and settled on aiming pretty high this year.

I’ll be investing in 2-3 streamers this year on Twitch and a couple of them have already caught my eye since actually listening to their background story.

Streamers have plenty of real-world challenges, the issue for me is to identify the fakers and actually talent hunt the folk who have a good balance of high-quality gameplay, personality and authenticity.

Considering Pro-AM game streaming?  Think about

Promoting the stream - schedule 
Staffing the stream - moderators, tech support
Career dev – what are the channel goals
Real world Events
Money management – game budgets, giveaways, sponsors.

I watched enough broadcasters and streams to see clearly why some fail dismally and some gain massive viewers and sponsors.  I’ve recently taken to hosting channels with tiny viewer levels just to boast their confidence and getting abit more involved with chat although I typically lurk (stay in chat without interacting).

Coming up to 2 year anniversary – no one streams this anymore


Day 4 of 5 | Radio Head

Despite the massive wave of complaints about Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hero costs, 60% of the steamers I follow are actually having fun with the game and not being too Salty ( a slang term meaning “upset” or “bitter).

As a viewer, I just keep Twitch running in the background with occasional interaction with the broadcaster.  I’m not a subscriber right now but will probably commit to my favourite channels in 2018.

Listen while you work