Useful to Meet you

iPods are brilliant standalone music devices that are no longer available, why?

You can no longer manage your Apps from iTunes, why?

We use our mobiles for everything and fundamentally lose the ability and interest in using desktops and laptops.

Been teaming up with newbies often recently on Tom Clancy’s The Division and the clear relationship is refreshing.  It’s useful to meet me.  Carrying folk or power levelling up is great when everyone is honest about their role.  If you’re squishy, stay back and snipe while I mow down all NPCs in sight.

People are seldom that frank in real life and come with fakery when they really just want me to carry them.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – be honest for once

Not ready for exams

With only 30 days to go, I’ve decided to jettison my exam plans.  There is simply too much emotional noise around me and it would be reckless to go in unprepared.

I’m 43 hours into my solo FarCry5 campaign and it’s stood up to all my expectation, the downside is the high level of chatter in the wild about the game which means it’s a challenge to avoid spoilers.  Even running co-op missions with a friend means you need re-do the mission on your own game and actually break-up your flow.

I’m running solo until the end game with the occasional co-op or Arcade.

Far Cry® 5 – Not ready for exams

Not a FarCry from the original

I’ve been playing the FarCry series since 2004 on PC and the latest edition is as faithful as ever.

First 24 hours (no spoilers)

The opening sequence is epic and pulls you into the environment kicking and screaming with brilliant seamless movie action.  No doubt, there will be a few folks who are deeply offended by the theme but they are clearly not the target audience.

My first 2-hours gameplay have been filled with discovery and exploration rather than trying to complete the main story.  I’ve listened to some baseless chatter about the main story being too short but that’s the usual complaint from gamers.

The game mechanics and control system are the same and it’s easy to forget to change the difficulty level normal to hard to get your monies worth.

Far Cry® 5 Making myself at Home


The map looks big enough to entertain me for at least 2-3 months and as usual, I’ll be gunning for a Platinum trophy.

Far Cry® 5 Religion and Guns

First Day on the receiving end of Family Court action

Geared up

The Global Event over the past few days has proved to be the perfect exit from Tom Clancy’s The Division.  I’ve been able to gear up by solo farming and completing daily assignments.  Hat off to the developers for keeping the 2-year game alive and well, I didn’t have enough time to explore the DLC but have been watching my Twitch broadcasters since release.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

The chatter is now about The Division 2 which may well be sneak peeked at E3 in June.

I’ve explored New York enough in real life to be totally impressed with the environment.  For now, it’s deleted from my hard drive and I’ve installed the heavily anticipated FarCry 5.

Decent bandwidth needed

Last workout 22-March 2018 – 35 mins

Being the Bad guy

With only a few days left before FarCry 5 is unleashed, it’s time to pause and ponder on the merit of being the Bad Guy.  I’ve deliberately not focussed on the FarCry 5 story as not to spoil the first time experience but the image of a Black preacher with a Bible in one hand and a grenade in the other is classic inner conflict that promises excellent gameplay and storyline.

I’m not sure if this is a playable character but if so I’ll jump into this role from Day One.

Disaster recovery

It’s never gonna happen but when you are hit with a major digital failure it’s always good to where your data is.

Despite having a fairly robust set-up it’s really hard to stay focused and not succumb to the emotional inconvenience of an IT failure.  It always happens when you are busy, traveling and distracted with real life.  Individuals seldom practice the scenario and companies are on high alert standby to fleece you of any hard earning monies to fix the issue.

“everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. Mike Tyson

Titan Attacks! Did you Back-up today?