The 2020 Games

Putting certain goals on your New Year’s Resolution is a sure-fire way of failing them.  The social pressure to announce an annual goal is as prominent as ever and many of us just blurt out random expected goals like losing weight, give up smoking, etc. with no real commitment or expectation to achieve the goal.  You are fooling nobody but yourself.

My goal for 2020 is to have less than 15-hours a week PS4 game time.  This will help me to focus on quality gaming rather than casually picking up the latest title but will hurt my PVE Raiding.

….but wait

Does watching game streams actual gaming? The second hard experience of watching streamers pace through your favorite titles may be considered involvement and therefore gaming by some.  The fact that you interact with the gamer, shape their direction and share their failures and achievements is relevant.  It also takes dedicated time but smart lurkers often have multiple screens for this.

Let the 2020 Games begin

The Art of being carried

I once read that you should aim to be the dumbest one in the room if you want to get ahead. For me, this has always been an issue as folk look to me as THE subject matter expert.

Raiding on The Division 2 spawns some interesting group dynamics which you have an organic hierarchy of Leader, lieutenants, grunts and carries. A carry is a player that shouldn’t even be in the Raid as they either don’t have the skills or know what to do.

A Carry is like the child you take for their first karate lesson. Interesting enough I’ve enjoyed running as a Carry with no responsibilities or ego for the past few months. Still no Eagle Bearer but I haven’t really earned it.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Waiting for a Carry

Perfect Concussion

For the past few months my working environment, namely my primary office, has been an uncomfortable place to work from.  This environmental problem has been stealth and very gradual.  A part malfunction in the ventilation system pushing up the daily heat to 96 degrees daily but in a typical head in the sand approach I did nothing about it.

The environment impacted my mood, focus and ability to concentrate for more than 20 mins but my subconscious coping mechanism made me leave the office early, work from other areas in the building and generally be missing-in-action on a daily basis.

A simple call to building services resolved the issue but it dawned on me how often we ignore the root cause of a problem.

Time to re-focus – Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

You’ve been warned

Here is the stark warning when you delete your Microsoft Account

You'll lose access to all personal or organizational data stored
by any Microsoft service and may lose access to other services using this
Any personal info you manage using family settings,
HealthVault, MSN Money, Skype Messenger contacts, or any other Microsoft
services using this account will be lost. If this account has been used on
behalf of a business or organization, you and your organization will lose access
to all services registered to this account so we strongly reccommend that you
notify your admin before you close this account.
You'll lose access to Skype, Office 365, Xbox, OneDrive, Azure,
and all other personal and organizational Microsoft subscription services,
along with potentially losing any remaining account balances.
We strongly recommend NOT closing
this account until you've made sure you have no personal or
organizational subscriptions or outstanding balances associated with it.
You'll lose access to, Hotmail, and OneDrive.
You'll no longer have access to any email, documents, or
photos you've stored through these Microsoft services.
You'll lose access to all earned Microsoft certifications, passed
exams, and any associated transcript.
All certifications, exams and badges linked to this account
will be permanently deleted. To see the Microsoft Certification data that's
linked to this account, or to transfer your Certification data to another
account before closing this one, contact your Regional Service Center.
You'll be unable to manage any software such as apps, games, services,
or other listings created or owned by this account in various Microsoft stores
across Windows, Office, Xbox, Azure, and more.
All such software will be removed from various Microsoft stores and will no longer be
available for purchase or download, and customers who bought such software
might lose access to it. If your account owns such software, please close your
developer account to collect any remaining payments. Not closing this account
will cause you to forfeit any remaining amounts owned for the apps published
through this account.
You'll lose access to any digital games and subscriptions you've
purchased or acquired, including Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, and Mixer Pro.
Your gamertag, Xbox Live gamerscore, achievements, saved
games, game captures, and your friends list will all be deleted. Additionally, your Mixer account will be
closed, you'll be unable to stream content, and your previous broadcasts will
be deleted.
You'll be unable to install or reinstall all music, games, apps, and
software purchased or downloaded using this account. You might also lose some
associated functionality.
Content purchased or downloaded using this account will no longer be available for reinstallation or
installation on additional devices. Some associated content functionality might
also become unusable.
You'll loss access to some services on devices attached to this
You'll lose access to any services using this account on your
Xbox consoles (which require a Microsoft account) and your Windows Phone,
desktops, and Microsoft Surface devices. To access all the available services,
you must set up the devices using a new Microsoft account.

For todays gamers deleting their account with 200+ gaming hours would leading to massive outrage.

Maybe, this is why Facebook is no longer supported on PSN…this will make it a bit harder to profile gamers.

You’ve been warned

Last of the Summer Whine

Well, play time is nearly over with the meteorological Autumn well in season.  Time to consider winter coats and long sleeve shirts.  Apparently, it will be easier to get loot and gear in Division 2 after the next update. This will be perfect for me to immerse myself outside real life.

The real-life grind ahead of me for the next few months will be at “challenging level” and I’ll need to pull on the talents of those around me.

More gear please

Turn the bloody alarm off (NSA spoiler alert)

A trip through the NSA Security alert mission on Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 reminds me that being meticulous and patient is a rewarding trait.  I romped through the mission only to be perplexed searching for the Backpack trophy.

Crafty level designers lead you to apparent dead-ends with minimal clues as you try to figure out how to get into the fan shaft in the DataCentre.  Finding the fan shaft is not that tricky but finding the fuse box annoying, i took me 20 mins of running around the map shooting red fuse boxes with no results. Best to run this mission solo unless all your team members have the same mindset.

The solution is right in your face…just pan top left near the fan and you can barely see a yellow fuse box, shoot that and then everything is gravy. You’ll end up in an office with lots of loot after scurrying through the tunnels like an oversized rat.

Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 – hidden NSA secrets