Coming out of the bunker

Arriving at an empty Heathrow Airport was incredibly eerie and travelling on an empty Underground train reminded me of how Sundays used to be decades ago.

No tourist, no business folk, no commuters just the old worker…it was 11am.

In the meantime, I was so out of touch that I didn’t realise the Leader of the Labour Party had changed to some dude named Keir Hardie…who?

Timorously, I poke my head out into life in the UK like a timid rabbit…is it safe? No time for doubt, in fact now is the time to push ahead and be an early adopter of the new World. Of course, I’m missing the 2nd Raid and Season in Tom Clancy’s The Divison 2 with no temptation as my PS4 is in another country now..ho-hum.

Security as an option

Outside the gaming industry news of compromised gaming accounts will appear as pretty trivial in the scope of things.  160k worldwide accounts is relatively small but what if your data was involved?

Typically, your account could be used for money laundering activities leading the law directly to your doorstep.  Anyhow, I will not be losing any sleep over this and why is 2-factor authentication still an option and not mandatory…when will they learn?

Meanwhile, hours after the news thousands of players are force kicked from all Division 2 Servers without reason. Maybe, just a sanity check from the providers.

Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 – Players force kicked

Do you know something I don’t know?

It’s kinda worrying when a health workers turns up to your house after you’ve called medical services for a C-19 test.

I’m not panicking yet as at least this way I will know either way why I feel so bad over the past few days. Is it Myasthenia gravis kicking my ass again or something else?

8 Days Later

Persistent dry cough, fluctuating body temperate, inability to think clearly, chronic lack of motivation. Feels like chest infection but goes away every few hours.

No contact with friends or family, checking email occasionally, No social media or WhatsApp. Visit the local grocery store every couple of days for food.

I was not prepared at all…..Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2

You’ve been warned

Here is the stark warning when you delete your Microsoft Account

You'll lose access to all personal or organizational data stored
by any Microsoft service and may lose access to other services using this
Any personal info you manage using family settings,
HealthVault, MSN Money, Skype Messenger contacts, or any other Microsoft
services using this account will be lost. If this account has been used on
behalf of a business or organization, you and your organization will lose access
to all services registered to this account so we strongly reccommend that you
notify your admin before you close this account.
You'll lose access to Skype, Office 365, Xbox, OneDrive, Azure,
and all other personal and organizational Microsoft subscription services,
along with potentially losing any remaining account balances.
We strongly recommend NOT closing
this account until you've made sure you have no personal or
organizational subscriptions or outstanding balances associated with it.
You'll lose access to, Hotmail, and OneDrive.
You'll no longer have access to any email, documents, or
photos you've stored through these Microsoft services.
You'll lose access to all earned Microsoft certifications, passed
exams, and any associated transcript.
All certifications, exams and badges linked to this account
will be permanently deleted. To see the Microsoft Certification data that's
linked to this account, or to transfer your Certification data to another
account before closing this one, contact your Regional Service Center.
You'll be unable to manage any software such as apps, games, services,
or other listings created or owned by this account in various Microsoft stores
across Windows, Office, Xbox, Azure, and more.
All such software will be removed from various Microsoft stores and will no longer be
available for purchase or download, and customers who bought such software
might lose access to it. If your account owns such software, please close your
developer account to collect any remaining payments. Not closing this account
will cause you to forfeit any remaining amounts owned for the apps published
through this account.
You'll lose access to any digital games and subscriptions you've
purchased or acquired, including Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, and Mixer Pro.
Your gamertag, Xbox Live gamerscore, achievements, saved
games, game captures, and your friends list will all be deleted. Additionally, your Mixer account will be
closed, you'll be unable to stream content, and your previous broadcasts will
be deleted.
You'll be unable to install or reinstall all music, games, apps, and
software purchased or downloaded using this account. You might also lose some
associated functionality.
Content purchased or downloaded using this account will no longer be available for reinstallation or
installation on additional devices. Some associated content functionality might
also become unusable.
You'll loss access to some services on devices attached to this
You'll lose access to any services using this account on your
Xbox consoles (which require a Microsoft account) and your Windows Phone,
desktops, and Microsoft Surface devices. To access all the available services,
you must set up the devices using a new Microsoft account.

For todays gamers deleting their account with 200+ gaming hours would leading to massive outrage.

Maybe, this is why Facebook is no longer supported on PSN…this will make it a bit harder to profile gamers.

You’ve been warned

I’ve already said too much

The Art of shutting the hell up is tough to maintain consistently. I kick myself at how transparent I can sometimes become, showing my raw emotions ready for exploitation.

My fellow US squad members often let slip their opinions on real world ballistics whist playing the Division which probably explains why their builds are so bloody brilliant.

Anyways…my hopes of a conflict free weekend were shattered within 2 hours of arriving back in London. On the plus side, I’m thankful for months of good health despite not visiting the gym, eating randomly and too often.

Far Cry® New Dawn – Trust NooooooBody