A long way to go

The Winter months are calling me.  Calling me to prepare for the weather and the darkness.  I try to get as much Sun time as possible knowing that I would not see it for more than 2 hours a day soon.

Ready for FarCry5 next year

Plenty of new titles will be coming this Christmas and FarCry 5 is set for February 27, 2018 smack on the edge of Winter.  By then my life will be totally different, for better or for worst.

I think I’m coming to the conclusion of Horizon Dawn Zero as the game prepares me for what looks to be the final Epic battle.

Over 146 quality hours

How to get your ass kicked by an International Master

Jumped into Twitch.tv to find an unusual treat.  Sabrina Chevannes playing 500+ viewers at Chess.

Sabrina is a Women’s International Chess Master and smashes all the chess player stereotypes.  I ended up being distracted and stayed on the stream for a couple of hours.  She’s been playing chess since the age of 8 and would kick my ass in 5 minutes at the game.

International Master Sabrina Chevannes

Why are Super Stars like this not highlighted more?  To my shame, this was the first time I ever came across this Champion.  Anyhow, seems she’s busy managing her Digital Design company in the London.  Nuff respect.

Naturally, she won against the stream.  A real education.

10 years of FarCry

I can barely muster up an hour of daily quality gameplay lately.  Game time suffers directly when the joys of the “Real world” kick-in and it’s hard to justify to non-gamers that you actually need time to play.  I’m usually disgusted by gamers with poor commitment and find myself exactly in that position.

As this point, I cannot claim to be a gamer but a mere sporadic spectator.

My library is littered with unfinished stories like half-eaten apples.  Of course, this is a common trend during Summer months as opposed to locking myself up in a Man Cave during the winter.

E3 gave us some nice treats to look forward to and, for me, FarCry 5, Assassin’s Creed Origins and God of War are simply must haves for 2018.  Still waiting on news on Last of Us 2 though.  In the meantime, I’m aiming to Platinum Horizon Zero Dawn but the end of August.

Brutal CIA problems

Trying to get the right balance of Data Confidently, Integrity and Availability is really tough and ever changing.

Any taxi app will need your GPS data to locate you but does that app need to know your ever move ALL the time?

That taxi app now knows when you wake up, go to bed and how often you go to the bottom of your garden. You give this data away for free.  Apps like Uber give the end-user an all or nothing solution knowing very well that users cannot be bother to turn off location services or throw on a VPN when they don’t need a taxi.

Data CIA status is like catching butterflies, it can be done but it’s bloody difficult and requires resilience, tactics and skill.

Your taxi watches you globally

Snow in April

This just sums up my year so far, Tales of the Unexpected.

Woke up to snow this morning.

I’d already ditched all my gloves and winter wear thinking it was all over and had to scrabble around for layers of clothing to keep warm.

Day 2 of no PS4