How to handle difficult conversations…..badly

For the life of me, I cannot seem to face awkward conflicts, maybe it’s the stealth in me.  AAA game titles have the biggest mouth and marketing budgets so it is pretty tricky to avoid.  Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is released on Friday and the early release games are streaming all over the place.

Having watch around 2 hours of expert game-play, reviews and comments on the Pay-Wall I’ve decided to hang back especially with Death Stranding being released next month. I simply would have time to play BreakPoint alongside Episode 2 – Pentagon from Division 2. Pity my clinical decision-making skills don’t always get pulled into my affairs of the heart.

Shopping cart update

PS4 Plus  $60
Overkill’s The Walking Dead November 6, 2018 failed
FarCry 5 Platinum completed  paid
Last of Us 2 February 21, 2020  $60
Death Stranding November 8, 2019  $60
Days Gone Game faded nil
Detroit – Become Human Got it Free on PS+ nil
Indie titles x 5  $100
FallOut 76 Gifted but hated it  nil
Ghost Recon Breakpoint declined nil
Total  $280
This got me into trouble the last time…