Gamers, bullied and hacked

This article caught my attention a few weeks ago on UK TV.

According to this report which was sponsored by Habbo, an online vintage pixel-art style virtual community, 38% of gamers have been hacked.

A deeper dive into the data reveals that the source was taken from 2515 young people aged 12-25 in the actual Habbo game.  This tiny sample is a poor representation of the Global gaming industry and to the casual viewer of the article, 38% is a pretty high percentage.

You can download the actual 2017 report here

As usual, the media falls into the easy alarmist viewpoint on gaming reinforcing the stereotype.  There are many sources out there that confirm the average age of gamers to be between 35-38, these and other facts contradict the tardy image gamers are burdened with.

It’s really usual to see a positive article on Gaming in general and Gamers are not generally bothered about their image. Maybe they should be.

Typical gamers have jobs, families and mortgages.