Planned survival

I’ve been social testing on Helldivers™ just for fun.

Basically, like Tom Clancy’s The Division™, any player can have multiple profiles. This is really interesting when you have high skills and play with one of your low-ranking characters.

You don’t really know me

I am regularly booted or kicked from multiplayer Helldivers™ games just for being a low-ranking player.  Naturally, I switch back to my high ranked character to kick ass or just go rogue killing the hostile host player that kicked my low ranking character in the first place.

PS4 PlayLink is looking to tap into the human factor traits of Trust, Honesty and Betrayal…..Watch your back!!!

Today’s goal – At least 30 mins Cardio

Death and Mayhem

I added Drawn to Death™  to my gaming library a few days ago.  Pretty much an aggressive adult online shooter without the military or police theme.

An excellent gaming snack in-between the big titles.

The Art Work is excellently hand-drawn, hence the title.

Small and unapologetic, this title is upfront and clear about what you are getting into.

Time to go for a long walk

Yes, I think I’m better than you

Sometimes it’s great just to say it out load.

Elite gaming gives you “all access” permission to shout out that I’m better than you and prove it.

Elite gaming can be taught

The problem is that you can’t be great at everything.

Experts are often critically vulnerable in areas outside their specialism. Ask a Sniper to run the Medic role and he’ll die multiple times before getting the hang of it.

On Monday I’ll start my Horizon Zero Dawn™ experience after seeing Logan on Saturday with old mates. With a reported story mode of 30 hours, I expect to rinse out Horizon for at least 6 months.

I’m running through major decision points in my story, risks are high and outcomes are uncertain.