Important but not urgent….apparently

Whenever I focus on this category things work out well, you need a certain level of resilience to focus on non-urgent things in this era of notification and alert overload.  Pack an emergency “go-bag” is never urgent but deadly important in a crisis.  So, it’s time for me to re-focus on non-urgent clamorous that will pay off in the long run.

Our “friends” at EasyJet closed the loophole of phoning the call centre to book luggage on 1 leg of a return flight so I’ll only be booking one-way flights from now on the greedy mothers.  On the plus side I was able to do a admin cost free flight change as I’m apparently a loyalty member, oddly enough you cannot use any of the benefits online but must call and wait your turn for a human being.

Time to pounder

Last of the Summer Whine

Well, play time is nearly over with the meteorological Autumn well in season.  Time to consider winter coats and long sleeve shirts.  Apparently, it will be easier to get loot and gear in Division 2 after the next update. This will be perfect for me to immerse myself outside real life.

The real-life grind ahead of me for the next few months will be at “challenging level” and I’ll need to pull on the talents of those around me.

More gear please