Why are you Twitching so much?

Full-time Professional Game streamers are a fascinating element of the industry.

I’ve been following or watching Streamers for about 2 years, they harvest massive audiences.

Twitch.TV started 5 years ago was acquired on September 25, 2014, by Amazon.com and is one of the platforms that make it happen. Games or Clans stream directly from any console or Computer with full on cameras and live chat moderated by Bots.

To actually make direct money Streamers need to build up a following or channel averaging 15,000+ views per video and have over 100,000+ subscribers.

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Open Betas, an industry on it’s own

Being amongst the first batch of gamers to jump into a new title is always good….especially when it’s free.

Beta releases, Open or Closed, are usually only available for a limited time to Elite players or pre-orders customers.

$23 Billion spent on Games in 2015

A win-win as the publishers get a chance to really test on the public and gamers get a fresh insider look.

I’ve signed up for Ghost Recon but it’s a bit of a lottery.

Last of Us 2 may not have an actual Beta but it tops as one of the Most Anticipated Games of 2017 so far.

Writer’s block

It’s been over 10 years since I have even bothered to blog anything….with the dominance of social media it hardly seems worth it.

Anyhow, this is for my own personal Cognitive behavioral therapy.

The first thing I hit is writer’s block, not because I have nothing to say but because there is so much I cannot say publically.

Day 1 is always a bit tricky so I’m gonna kick off with a weekly diary style.