…and held in evidence against you

As a free agent, I could easily join the social media trains and post my every meal or location to the world. I still care intensively about digital privacy and the looming aspect of things you say or do in the present impacting future accusation.

For now, I need to raise my head about the privacy line as I explore new job and business opportunities, but I don’t need to broadcast everything, so my mix of VPNs, TOR and Cloud hopping remains the same.

In the meantime, I’m experimenting with the WireGuard Protocol which seems to offer easier security audits. One of the primary design goals of the protocol is silence.

Exploring Post pandemic new VPN protocol WireGuard

Moving fast

There does come a time when you need to make like a tree and “leaf”. Yeah I know, terrible old joke but pretty true for me right now.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I want to go fast.” 

Jadis – AMC’s The Walking Dead
Getting out of here no matter what……Tom Clancy’s The Division™

Vienna Airport opens today so there is hope.

Today’s forecast: Nothing but Grey Clouds

So, we are finally in the era of borderless networks and 90%+ using VPN and working from remote locations most likely residential homes. How does the user know when work/business activity is separate from private/personal? How does the enterprise know or control this separation?  We are now dependent on cloud services; how do you enforce data classification; data leakage or audit activities.

Today’s High Level Targets are sat comfortably in their home office or more often on their dining table with a laptop protected by a domestic router with default security settings.

If EasyJet’s breach from 17th October 2019 and 4th March 2020 has only just been revealed to us, how long would it take to even detect, treat and reveal the breach of a high-level target in their home?

Oh wait, we are all high-level targets now.

Doesn’t take long for everything to go to s*&t

Who are you really kidding?

[Rant] This wave of forced remote workers has put us into unique position of actually looking at the various tiers of remote workers and how they are treated in the virtual workplace.

Societies in general have never really respected the virtual worker either the Road Warrior executive, the application developer or administrator.  The truth is the temptation to goof off and waste the day on non-work-related activities is overwhelming alongside constant interruptions from friends and family who don’t respect the virtual workspace.

Coming together as teams works really well but becoming chronically isolated is very common and I did slip into a brain fog over and over again trying to focus on complicated topic usually discussed face-to-face.

My online collaborations and relations with fellow gamers have been an excellent but somewhat distracting occupation. In the absence of clear boundaries you have to make your own.

No milk? Time to leave the house – Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Weeks turns in months…Finding my Purpose (notes and ramblings)

Today, I finally came out of my mental hibernation with slight flurries of getting back to my old self.  Life will never be same again but I’ve re-started documenting my cognitive Post Pandemic journey. A regular online meeting helped to boast my purpose. Preparation was key.

  • Far beyond just checking email
    1. Checking the calendar
    2. Preparing for the online meeting
    3. Critical Technical check – video, audio, network and VPN connectivity
    4. Actually, have a shower
    5. Actually, have breakfast
    6. Put on a shirt even though you are in shorts and flip flops
    7. Warm up the meeting with personal greetings and water cooler chit chat

Post meeting [Must do items] – take a break and then follow up with action points and timelines

  • Conclude activity and re-hash the process
  • Check and populate your calendar with more daily stuff and purpose.
Tom Clancy’s The Division – This ain’t over

Consequences schmonsequences

Life of Gaming Crime It’s not real, right? Wrong….Peer, gang or clan pressure is a real thing that shapes your actual decisions.  Decisions that have real impact.  My 4-year-old Ubisoft account is banned from Division 2 as part of the Damage Per Second glitch exploit punishment.

Fair cope governor but maybe I’ve just been hanging with the wrong gamers.  Gamers who jumped on the YouTube train and like kiddy scripters followed a systematic method for shallow, fake success with no fear of what might happen to their time and economic investment.

It never felt good anyway…

Dishonorable associates unfollowed – Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

So now what? Well, for me a simple purge of all the “friends” who I followed down the wrong rabbit hole. Funny thing is that in my case these “friends” seems to have escaped the banning net and are playing happily, another lesson learned.

This case is very similar to real life cybercrime where the authority’s punish the exploiters rather than the creator or root cause of the exploit. I’ve always been a Beta Tester and Easter Egg hunter but this has the tendency to put your mindset into Hacker mode.

Too real to be fun anymore..Survival is FUN.

To add insult to injury, the workaround of using another account is negated as I didn’t use a hardcopy disk.

Cheese, hack, cheat, exploit {act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage} = ban

March 31st 2020 [15:58] – The demonstration of power has been clarified by an email from Ubisoft confirming a temporary suspension due to Misconduct.

4-year account banned – Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2